4 thoughts on “Bona Fide Red Neck

  1. When I was a yout I had a truck which I couldn’t afford to properly repair. So I got inventive. One example is the radiator had so many holes that it was near worthless. So I put a 5 gallon bucket on the bench seat and plumbed it directly to the radiator. I could get about 25 miles between fill ups. Which was fine by me because the furthest distance I drove that truck was 17 miles. But I knew every source of water along every road.

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    • Had the same troubles with my old Mazda 323 in my younger years. I filled in an awful lot of radiator sealant until the liquid was like a slurry. It did the job until I found a “new” one on a junkyard.
      This Mazda was a wonder: I bought it second hand with a mileage of around 30,000 kilometers – and when I had to dispose of it (it rusted away from under me) the mileage showed 640,000 kilometers!


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