16 thoughts on “I Am Criminal

  1. Long before the Chinese Kung Flu Nazis crawled out of the woodwork, blue
    cities were citing prepubescent girls who set up a lemonade stand for
    operating a business without a license!


    • Young girls running lemonade stands are obviously not part of my target audience.
      The Libs are pretty good at mobbing loners.
      The Black Market I am talking about already exists and so far they haven’t really been able to touch it. That tells me there are some savvy sonsabitches out there. Those are the ones I would like to reach so they can maybe fill the need for tutors.


      • Good point Phil. I think a lot of the Covidiot hoarders were not
        afraid of running out of ass-wipe. If one Walmart superstore
        sold enough TP in one day to wipe every ass in America for a
        day, this was not panic buying. The problem with barter systems
        and black markets is that food distribution is too centralized. Sure,
        there are tons of small farmers and ranchers, but they cannot
        compete with Archer Daniels Midland, Farmer Johns, Tyson, etc.

        The Marxist idiots in Sacramento have starved the Central Valley
        of water, which killed off a lot of small farms. If their goal was to
        centralize industries, they could not do a better job! If the shit
        hits the fan, the people in the big cities are going to starve if they
        do not kill each other for a morsel of bread.


        • I have always and I do mean always, been pretty crafty in my own way and have been breaking the rules since I was still single digits in age.
          I can also remember always having a very strong affinity to the scroungers in the old war movies.You know the guys I am talking about.
          My Step Grandfather once paid me a backhanded compliment wrapped in more of a slam than anything else once when I had managed to acquire something I had set my eye on in a rather unconventional yet totally legal way that he didn’t quite approve of.
          He said that I could be rather efficient when I was out to get something if I wanted it badly enough.
          I will be the first to admit that I don’t have even half the drive that I used to have but the methods and creativity are still there.


          • Marginally related to the subject at hand: I just placed another
            home delivery purchase from Wallyworld. They were out stock
            with 1 pound Dak canned hams. I want at least 6 more. Had
            to settle for 6 cans pork and beans, 6 cans of chili with beans,
            16 boxes of 2 varieties of Pasta Roni, and 3 boxes of Hamburger
            Helper Beef Stroganoff. The next shopping trip will include more
            varieties of Hamburger Helper, at least 4 more 3-pound chubs of
            ground beef, and several varieties of Rice A Roni.

            If I lose power out here in Burnt Scrotum CA, I’m fucked! I have
            a feeling this is far from over.


  2. Laws & regulations have become so out of whack, have become so contradictory and nonsensical that it doesn’t take any wonder that more and more really modest people have begun to disobey those “laws”.
    For it isn’t law anymore but a mere exercise of obedience.
    My little daughter came home from going out with her friends the other day and told me that these Covid-laws are just plain stupid. Here’s what happened to her:
    She went with her girlfriends to have a bite at McDonald’s and happily made it just before heavy rainfall set in.
    She had lost the obligatory face mask while running there so she tried entering the restaurant without mask. She was met by a chorus of Karens who made it very clear that she mustn’t enter without one. So she asked the employees if she could buy one here. No, they couldn’t sell her one but pointed her to the closest gas station where she could buy a mask.
    So she ran through the pouring rain to the gas station and back again and was finally allowed in.

    But, dad! It was totally useless! You only need that mask to enter the restaurant.
    As soon you’re taking a seat at the table some four meters from the entrance, you can take off your mask. It’s only for entering and leaving the restaurant!

    There you have it, gentlemen.
    Useless laws that make no sense.
    Why follow them?
    I am not a serf.
    Stick your fucking regulations to where the sun don’t shines.

    Oh, I found me a doctor who wrote me a statement that I cannot wear a facemask because of medical reasons.
    A perfect method to say fuck you to the legislators.
    I carry that document with me whenever I leave home.
    Watch out Karen – here I come!!

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  3. When you see the sea of useless masks in use and yet, people insist you wear one, they are effectively agents for the tyrants who are running this insane epidemic scam. What is sad is that so many supposedly ‘free’ Americans have bought into this hook line and sinker without a question. You have to wonder how much longer that the tyranny will go one before people tell them to crap in their hats and I am talking huge numbers of people at that.

    As to the underground culture of capitalistic enterprise, I have enjoyed my fair share of that since I was a youngster. Growing up in NY I (and many like me) have always felt the state gets more than enough already and if they miss a few crumbs oh well……


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