3 thoughts on “A Seriously Bad Neighborhood.

  1. I remember, in my yute, making deliveries in north Jersey, going thru the Bronx at night, and seeing a disabled car beside the interstate.
    On the way back north, two hours later, there was just bones left.
    No tires, no seats, no hood, no motor…..if you had asked them NAPAs to work that hard at a job, they’d have laughed at you.


  2. On a visit to a quarry in Africa I was told the dump trucks were run until the tires were wore out. Our guide explained that the engine, hydraulics, and almost everything else was too warn for an economical rebuild. They would fix them if broke down but they were disposable when the tires were shot.

    I wasn’t that impressed with the hole in the ground but the trucks and grinder mill were interesting.That was probably the best satcom install I had in Africa.


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