6 thoughts on “My Guess Is Someone That Works For The Government

  1. Third generation twenty-something descendant of a lawn care family where we used to live would run the weedeater around a coke can rather than pick it up. Maybe he’ll be recruited by the government to be a contact tracer.


  2. Naw, California regulation that a rock cannot be moved in order to preserve the natural environment. Nevermind, you don’t find pipe in the natural environment.


  3. nah, we drop back and call in environmental to do a study on the impact of moving the rock. by the time they’re finished the money for the pipe has been spent and we lobby for 4more years to get money for a feasibility study on running a pipe. by then we don’t need the line anymore but congress allocates 10 times what its worth to put one in so we do it anyway, unless endangered mud guppies have moved in since we started whereby the process starts all over.


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