14 thoughts on “Not So Renewable Energy

  1. Wind power is a pipe dream. From what I understand it cost big bucks to build and install a windmill. When a windmill is working at optimum output it can power 6 average sized family homes. The average lifespan is 25 years. It cannot produce enough electricity in 25 years to re-coup the power and cost of materials required to construct and install it.


    • Nobody ever does null-therblig and cost/benefit analysis of “renewable” energy systems. When correct analysis is done, it always comes out as the most expensive way to produce energy!

      Why is that? ;P


    • And then it becomes am environmental nightmare, because the majority of it can not be recycled, except for the wiring, the casting of the generator and the flanges used to bolt the tower down and connect the blades to the turbine. So the rest of it gets buried in a landfill site in Wyoming or Colorado. I hate them.


  2. They don’t often repair equipment failures on wind farms, it is uneconomical! At any established site there will be dead towers doing nothing! Environmentally friendly? not much.


  3. it may not be renewable, but would make a great amature radio antenna mast for some enterprising farmer in East Wyoming.


  4. The blades are feathered to regulate the speed of the generator so as to
    keep the correct voltage frequency. When they Overspeed, this is what


  5. I went to Hawaii in about 1980 with the RAAF. Went for a drive around the island and saw dozens of broken turbines. I wondered if the cost of them, and the power used to manufacture them was actually gained back by there use. I’m guessing probably not.


  6. 18 to 25 year lifespan, can never generate enough power to cover manufacture, install and use, and at the end of life, there is no way to recycle them.. There is a landfill in Wyoming full of the old blades, (which weigh tons) and more coming. Green energy only in a dream…nightmare anyone?


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