14 thoughts on “I Can’t Decide, Rebel Or Moron?

  1. When it comes to viruses, this works about as well as the masks you see everyone wearing; it’s about like putting up a chain-link fence to stop mosquitos.


  2. I think she is trolling that crowd big time!!!!!! The majority of those in this picture have what I would think are fairly good quality masks. She is wearing a ‘mask’ but it certainly is not an equal to the rest of those in the scene. My guess, she is not a sheeple but making jest of the insanity.


    • Her mask is every bit as effective as those others at stopping a corona virion (virus particle), meaning zilch. She’s showing what fools the mask wearers are. Whether that is her actual intent is anyone’s guess.


  3. Adventures in Suckerdick land. I just discovered that Fakebook is censoring
    any reference to the Hydroxychloriquine compound in real-time. Their
    software bots “disappeared” two posts before I finished typing them. I
    Buggs Bunny responded with the declaration “Of course, you know this
    means war!” I conducted an experiment that omitted the keyword and
    posted about a certain drug compound that has been proven effective
    against earlier strains of the Chinese Kung Flu (Coronavirus) and the
    post was not censored.

    Their idiot censors cannot even consider the possibility that there a ways
    around their lame attempts at censorship!

    On a lighter side, my cousin Karen loved the Karen/cat memes I sent her.
    I sent her a link today and informed her that Karen is now a bad word.
    The new meme describes the leftist females (and males) who rat out the
    people who fail to follow the social distancing edicts by Democrat mayors
    and governors. This shit is right out Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR.
    Doxx the whole fucking lot of them:


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