Quid Pro Joe Has Got Big Problems Now, Audiotapes Of His Conversations With Petro Poroshenko Have Been Leaked To Youtube

You aren’t going to spin this.

Someone Called NABU LEAKS dropped them all.


This ONE, of many.

Joe Biden’s Quid Pro Quo of getting the Ukranian Prosecutor fired who was investigating Biden’s kid in exchange for a One Billion dollar loan is laid out for all to see here.

These are the smoking guns that will undoubtedly be spread far and wide and are utterly indefensible.

Old Horseface himself, John Kerry, gets a good dose also.



The entire Obama administration was the largest criminal operation in American history.

This fact will soon be indisputable.



11 thoughts on “Quid Pro Joe Has Got Big Problems Now, Audiotapes Of His Conversations With Petro Poroshenko Have Been Leaked To Youtube

  1. This must be why the peach mint horse is being brought back out for a good flogging.
    The CPUSA comrades are so clueless just step back and let the enemies flail and fail.


  2. This is some SERIOUS high-level shit! These recordings were not found in
    somebody’s closet. The modern definition of Montezumas Revenge is the
    burn in the ass you get after eating a burrito with Carolina Reaper sauce.
    This is Trump’s Revenge! President Volodymyr Zelensky campaigned as
    an anti-corruption reformer. He won in a landslide in Ukraine. If I had to
    take a SWAG (Stupid Wild Ass Guess,) he or someone in his government
    was the source of these recordings.

    If there ever was a smoking gun it is this. The American traitor John “Fucking”
    Kerry was one step away from Ubangi himself! You could make the case
    that Biden and his crackhead son could have been considered a private
    enterprise in corruption, but Kerry’s involvement makes this a big fucking
    deal. One-off the record report from a Ukrainian official stated that seven
    billion dollars in bribes were sent to Ubangi and other Democrat politicians
    in America. This is much bigger than Slow Joe and his son. The Modus
    Operandi of the Democrats is to have family members take bribes from
    foreign and domestic sources.

    Bernie Sanders wife raped the college she headed to the point it had
    to declare bankruptcy. Slow Joe’s crackhead son reaped at least
    a billion dollars from the Chi-coms. One of Nancy Pelosi’s relatives
    and a son of Mittens Romney (RINO) and one other prominent
    Democrat politicians demon seed were all eyeball deep in Ukrainian
    cash. To put this in Mafia terms, does anyone really think the
    principals were not wetting their beaks? Cue the Godfather theme.

    If the source of this material came from Ukraine, you can bet this
    is just the tip of the iceberg! In the Spring of 2017, I predicted
    that the Mother Of All October Surprises would come in the
    2020 election. This is just the beginning. Between the Trump
    Justice Department and leaks from friendly foreign governments,
    the Corruptocrats are going to get ass-raped with a corncob
    wrapped in 40 grit sandpaper without the benefit of Vaseline
    long before the November elections!

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      • If you mean Trump’s plan, I agree. The Democrats were
        getting rich on Ukrainian cash under the old administration,
        but I suspect this leak came from the current administration.
        If the old administration leaked this information, it is evidence
        of corruption on their part.

        I still have a problem with the notion that a candidate can be
        yanked this late in the game. I could be convinced otherwise
        if (and only if) a viable candidate could take Slow Joe’s place.
        If they pick Hitlery, Sanders, Princess Gray Beaver, the insane
        lunatic Corey Booker, etc. they will go down in flames. The
        Democrats kept whores in the media will not spend a drop of
        ink or a minute of airtime on this or any other leak

        I don’t care about the daily talking points, the media will never
        publish anything that reflects badly on the Democrat party. If
        they do run with this, the chaos at the Democrat National
        Convention will play into Trump’s hand. We realize the party
        is systemically corrupt but vote for x because he or she is
        different is not a winning campaign strategy.

        If the Russian collusion hoax taught us anything it is to follow
        the timeline between Ubangi’s Oval Office meetings and the
        media leaks. If the kept whores in the media do not report
        this story within 7 days, they never will!

        As I was typing this, Slow Joe Biden has already been declared
        the winner in Oregon today. He is on pace to will all 61 delegates
        and super delegates with 64 percent of precincts reporting. The
        liberal media has to act within days to derail Biden.

        I am betting this is not going to happen because the Donks are
        shitting bricks and have no idea how to get out of the hole
        they dug for themselves!

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        • “I am betting this is not going to happen because the Donks are
          shitting bricks and have no idea how to get out of the hole
          they dug for themselves!”

          It’s so, so….., UNFORTUNATE.


          • Update to the Biden/Kerry story. I was sleeping on and off
            last night while Red Eye Radio was playing in the background.
            Susan Rice made a statement or sent an E-mail stating that
            she and Ubangi were pure as the wind-driven snow while
            kicking James Comey under the bus. You have to remember
            that infamous White House meeting where Ubangi, Comey,
            Rice, Biden were discussing the Flynn frame-up.

            The crackup has begun!


      • I’ll take that bet, except I’m betting NOT ONE FUCKING THING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ANY OF THEM.

        Barr has already cleared the decks a couple days ago when he (paraphrasing) said there is no criminal investigation of either Obama or Biden.

        The only good that will come out of all of this is Trump re-elected. Then the question becomes who runs in 2024.


  3. As big as this all is, l’m not holding my breath. Seen way too much of the two tiered (un) justice system. We’ll get some low hanging fruit prosecutions but that’s probably the end of it. The big players will not see a courtroom.


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