12 thoughts on “Big Bait For Big Fish, Right?

  1. That looks like something from my whiskey drinking days that I would hallucinate demons such as this… and they won. Now, I don’t fight my demons, I feed them.


    • I figured it was an elaborate fake, I just didn’t feel like chasing it down. The eye and the repetitive movements are the give away.
      Gotta admit it’s a good one though.


      • Now that you mention it, it looks like a good CGI job. If this thing
        is real, I don’t even want to know what it is. When PJ O’Rourke
        was still writing stories for automotive magazines he talked about
        Benzedrine fueled marathon drives at a hundred miles an hour
        and the 40-foot tall monsters in the middle of the road. He stated
        that it was probably a hallucination so you should drive right through
        it and if it was real, you’d be doing the world a favor by killing it!

        PS I’ve never been that drunk or high even in the old days!


  2. I find the critter to be rather fascinating, but being a Marine biologist, it doesn’t really have any characteristics anywhere similar to any real invertebrates, so, yeah, Hollywood!


  3. Looks like a giant sand flea we used to use for bait and found in the sand along Florida’s Atlantic coast. We used a kind of scoop with wire mesh and dragged it up the beach and then washed out the sand and collected the sand fleas for fishing.


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