A Self Building V Twin Model Aircraft Engine Video?

This tickled me pretty good. According to the original Youtube poster, it took the guy six weeks and thousands of still pictures to make this video. It’s pretty slick and entertaining to watch but the sound effects really make it.

You can see other model engine builds he has done at his Youtube channel.

10 thoughts on “A Self Building V Twin Model Aircraft Engine Video?

  1. That was lovely.
    It would be interesting to see the production method; movement of parts without support during stills for example.


  2. Hey Phil …
    I vaguely recall seeing a stop-motion-animation video of some sort of British car engine being removed, steam-cleaned, disassembled, getting new internals/bearings/rings/seals/guts and then being rebuilt. All in stop-motion photography. And at the end … there were a couple of miscellaneous pieces-parts left over.
    As for the V-twin … I too noticed the prop spinning in the wrong direction …

    And then there’s this …

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    • I remember that video also, MGB engine if I recall correctly. As for that Judges decision, oh yeah, I saw that.
      I have been out in the garage going through MY PRECIOU… I mean a bunch of crap I got the other day at a yard sale. I haven’t had time to throw down on that bitch yet.


  3. That was really cool to watch until the motor started turning and both the crank shaft and the alternator/generator shafts were unbalanced and, damn, that spoiled it.

    All of that machining and working to produce… a stupid non-functioning engine.



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