Sounds Like A Big Fuck You To The Governor To Me!

‘Cause America MothaFukka’s!

Impromptu cruise takes over Vancouver’s Main Street

Cars line up for more than a mile


By Erin Middlewood, Columbian Features editor
Published: May 15, 2020, 9:15pm

Hundreds cruised Main Street in downtown Vancouver on Friday evening, with a stream of cars stretching a mile-and-a-half north from Sixth Street.

Neil Brislawn Jr. instigated the impromptu cruise through a post on Facebook inviting people to “park, cruise and help support local businesses.”

Most Main Street businesses are closed due to Gov. Jay Inslee’s stay-home order to prevent spread of COVID-19, although some restaurants are open for takeout.

Brislawn urged participants to use proper social distancing. People clustered in the Dairy Queen parking lot and along the street.

Drivers seemed to be enjoying themselves without incident as of 8:30 p.m. “It was a nice day and I just wanted to bring out the truck,” said Brandon Johnson of Vancouver.

Cruising Main Street was a weekend pastime in the 1950s, ’60 and ’70s. Clogged traffic and fights eventually led police to drive cruising out of downtown. In 2009, car enthusiasts revived cruising for one night a year each July and called it Cruisin’ the Gut. Trap Door Brewing owner Bryan Shull took over organizing that annual event, which was renamed Cruise the Couve in 2017. Shull said Friday’s cruise was unrelated to Cruise the Couve, which is canceled this year due to COVID-19 safety measures.

Vancouver police were out Friday monitoring Main Street traffic.

“Nobody is doing anything illegal,” Officer Eric McCaleb said. “It’s just a bunch of people driving about 2 mph.”

My bold so everybody gets what he just said.

You know exactly what every single one of these people just did right?


That’s what.

Proud of those fuckers I am.

Fuckin’ Deplorables, every single one.

There’s more of us than there are of them, remember that.


15 thoughts on “Sounds Like A Big Fuck You To The Governor To Me!

  1. Can’t wait to here what my annoying ass Liberal cousin has to say about the cruise. That Bernie supporting commie bitch complains about everything else.


  2. I LOVE IT! Even after more than two centuries, the rebel spirit is still alive
    in America. The COVID Nazis are digging themselves into a hole that
    they will not be able to climb out of. The more they clamp down, the
    more the citizens will rebel. It is a battle they cannot win.


  3. When the COVIDIOT Nazi in Washington starts seeing images like this, he
    will back down. This is an image of the latest lockdown protest rallies in
    Lansing Michigan. Among the attendees, were armed members of the
    Michigan Militia and they were strapped with ARs. The state capitol was
    locked down:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Here’s to hoping gov whitless is pissing her panties! I wonder where the Michigan State Popos are at? They haven’t interfered too much. Ya gotta think they are weighing the cost/benefit ratio of taking on pissed off armed men and the thousand that didn’t come but hearing of mass arrests and gunfire would be there within hours and laying down a major smack down to any leo that gets in the way…


      • Cederq, the entire Soviet Empire collapsed and only four college
        kids were killed. Once the people lose their fear of the government,
        no power on earth can stop them! The same thing happened during
        the Green Revolution in Lebanon a few decades ago. Did you
        see the difference between the image I posted today and the first
        major anti-lockdown protests in Lansing?

        In the first protest, the capitol building was surrounded by state
        troopers. The protesters armed with bullhorns reminded the state
        troopers that their first duty was to the United States Constitution.
        I viewed at least a dozen images of the latest protest, and there
        was not a single state trooper in sight!

        Frau Gulieter Whitmer will either back down or the protests will
        continue to grow. In either case her cunt will be kicked under the
        bus when she runs for reelection. Her condemnation of the
        protesters as Klansmen and Nazis are alienating the working-class
        Democrats who responsible for getting her skanky Marxist ass elected!


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