Damn You Craigslist!

Like I don’t have enough crap already!

But no.

As usual, I was looking around and found a couple of killer deals.

The thing is, they turned out to be from the same guy.

After calling him, I find out he is about a mile and a half away. I already had to go somewhere else and he was just a tiny bit out of the way.

Turns out he has even more shit that I didn’t see in the ads.

I made him a deal for all of it.

I just can’t help myself apparently.

It was a smoking deal though.


All that for $35.

The guy is moving so there is a bunch of crap in there that I am just going to take straight to the dump but there are some nice little goodies hiding there in plain sight.

Like this brand new, still in the box, Black and Decker Jig Saw.


This old ratcheting Hand Drill is worth what I paid for the whole lot.



A brand new set of Harbor Freight deep impact sockets, two vintage Brace bits plus a couple of drill bits,


That Miter Gauge will fit nicely on the 9 inch Disc/ Belt sander I rebuilt last year.

4 hand saws plus a Craftsman 3/8’s drill that needs a new cord.

I think I made out like a bandit.

Now then, where to put this stuff in a garage that is already basically overflowing and that I have been trying to clean up for a couple of weeks?

I think it was Egorr wanting to see pictures of the rest of the garage after I posted some selections from strategic locations the other day only showing the little teeny section that I had cleaned up and organized.

Are you ready for this?

Are you sure?

Just remember you asked for it…





Now you can get an idea of why you couldn’t see the calendar and the clock.


The Mini Lathe is hiding behind that manila envelope.


This doesn’t include the crap I have outside and in the shed.

The Walk Behind Tractor and all the implements, Sprite Sheet metal parts including a hood, both front fenders and doors, a trunk lid and part of a Firewall.

I am starting to wonder if maybe I have just a wee bit too much stuff…

On the bright side, I know damn good and well that there are people out there that are way worse than I am.

As bad as it is, I can still actually get around in there and a whole bunch of that stuff is on wheels now so I can move it around and get to something if I need to use it.

Remember, up until last February, I actually had that damn Sprite stuffed in there too!

But looking at all that from here?

Yeah, I’m thinking maybe I need to have a yard sale my own damn self.



46 thoughts on “Damn You Craigslist!

  1. You know of course that you are a “Tool Hoarder”. There is of course no cure for that. You Just need another Shed and a new house with a triple garage.

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  2. You have it worse then I thought Phil. I can set you up with Therapy at say 3 times a week and some home work as in selling two items a day until you are cured…


  3. You surely are a special kind of messie. While your standard, out-of-the-box messie piles up junk you‘re keeping real value. Hoarding precious stuff makes your garage some kind of museum. Yes. You’re weird.
    I like weird people!
    There’s a job opening for a warden in the asylum….


  4. An intervention is in order. Yep, all your loyal readers….listen up. 1. Pack up your work clothes (do not forget your gloves) 2.Get on your bike. 3. Once we arrive, dig in, time for some organization and cleaning. Oh yeah, tell Phil we are coming (leave the shotgun in the house). Plus, somebody mention he needs to have some liquid refreshment on hand. 4. Give me a little time, coming from Texas.


  5. Thanks for the view, Phil. I’ve been installing a new toilet almost all day today. In an RV. A brand new one to go with the brand new floor and trim. I’m almost ready for leak tests as I write this.

    And so it goes. My Breezeway is almost as bad, and I don’t have one-tenth the useful stuff in it. My electronics lab in the basement is full of old parts and assemblies, with computer parts going back 35 years and components that go back to 1955 or so. I have several #10 coffee cans full of tubes. Yes, I said tubes. Some quite rare, in fact. The oldest woodworking tools I have date back to the 1890’s, the oldest mechanics tools I have date back to 1935, and the oldest working electronic gear I have is a 1934 Signal Corps Tube Tester – *two* of them!!

    My wife is tired of the junk. Sheesh!!


    • I can volunteer for an operational test on that new toidy… On another note you guys have it bad! How your wives put up with your kind of hoarding. I like keeping stuff too but I am very selective of what I want and what kind of condition it is in and how can I clean it up, repair it and eventually sell it or give it to someone who can appreciate as much as I do. I am coming down to Portland around July 16th and I hope to have a first hand gander at Phil’s treasures.


  6. Ya got me beat, but not by that much seeing as I have a basement, at 30% rear and side of garage with another 20% and a barn tull to the rafters. The cleaned up areas are pretty tho’ , should get you SOME measure of relief from the Mrs.(maybe).


  7. came from a long line of savers – not horders. Granddad, dad, me, son. and now my grandson. Sold the farm and auction buyers bid on the sq yard for stuff in the barns. Yup, I said barns/

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  8. I would think “American Pickers” would be stopping on by… what is with that metal ladder? You have a Jacuzzi on the other side of that brown partition like object to it’s right?


    • That metal ladder is attached to the back of an all aluminum cart made by the RollAWay Tool company. They cost almost a thousand dollars new.
      I about shit a ring around myself when I started looking them up.


  9. If they ever open this fucking state back up by July and you show up I’m gonna stick a roll of little colored stickers and a pen in your hand so you can start writing prices on things.
    Then you can start Triage and we will see about getting rid of some of this shit.


    • You having a garage sale too? Why I am coming down to my brothers, to see him and the rest of the fam damnly and help with yard sale they are having. I am coming down on Thursday July 16 and staying until at least the 21st. I am bring a few things down, I think just enough to pay for my trip. I would help ya do the yard sale thing.


  10. On the first pic of the stuff you snarfed, what is in the white box and down in the larger brown box? Inquiring, nosy assed tool junky wants to knows?


    • Mostly a bunch of crap that is going away.
      Old plumbing, electrical, cabinet fixture crap.
      Looks like stuff that had been in someone else’s garage for years that he was just giving away. I had to take it to seal the deal.


  11. The scene – a large circle of unruly looking men. A lone figure stands….

    “Hi my name is Phil, and I’m a tool whore.”

    Me: “Hi Phil.”

    Then the meeting devolves into an impromptu swap meet.

    Whitehall, NY

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  12. Phil:

    Couple of things, first is the Oxy bottle next to the wall by the clock. Is that chained to the wall? If not one of my first semester physics final questions was how fast a 3000 psi bottle would go after the top snapped off from falling and a 1/4″ sq hole was made available for the gas to escape? Answer 600 mph. Second, why don’t you try and have a yard sale for some of that crap, er I mean stuff you have accumulated.



    • I was using that old Oxy bottle as a spare reservoir for my air compressor and it is empty.
      I am coming to the conclusion that I do need to have a yard sale but OMG what a bunch of work that is going to be.


      • Phil, there’s empty and there’s empty. Ask anybody who’s hit a 1 lb propane canister they _swore_ was empty with a .357 round. (Luckily, the thing launched sideways.) Shooter thereafter stopped gambling on anything, as his lifetime supply of good luck was expended.


        • Yeah, I get what you are saying, I worked around high pressure gas , the valving , pumps, piping and pressure vessels. I have seen 4 pounds of Argon gas pressure lift up over 16,000 pounds of Stainless Steel and flip it like a pancake.I have also had a valve open faster than the piping could handle, literally right in my face, and wrap an 1 1/4″ hunk of black pipe around a steel I beam like a piece of string while ripping all the hangers off the wall and pretty much exploding.
          I can barely even get to that bottle and haven’t put my hands on it in over a year.
          There isn’t much to chain it to even if I wanted to except maybe a 350 Chevy engine sitting on an engine stand. Which I can’t get to either.
          I’ll do something with it when I get to cleaning that corner out.


    • Actually that is about where I figured it to be age wise. I also have another one of the same vintage. The aluminum parts in it corroded years ago and it quit working at some point. I took it all apart and cleaned it up then lubed it and it took right off.
      I want to say you could buy them back in those days for ten to twelve dollars. Probably all this new one is worth now.
      Still, it’s kind of cool to have a brand new forty five year old jig saw, still in the box.


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