Here’s Your List, Check It Twice!

First take two minutes and watch this. Admiral Rogers explains just how difficult it is for someone to get a hold of Unmasking information. Then proceed.



Be damn sure and take note of the last name on this list now.


List of people who [Sought out and] received Lt. Gen Fylnns identity in response to a request processed between 8 November 2016 and 31 January 2017

1. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations – Samantha Power

2. Director for National Intelligence – James R. Clapper

3. Deputy Chief of Mission – Kelly Degnan

4. U.S. Ambassador to Italy and the Republic of San Marino – John Phillips

5. Director of the CIA – John 0. Brennan

6. OIA Director – Patrick Conlon

7. Secretary of the Treasury – Jacob Lew

8. Acting Assistant Secretary Treasury – Arthur “Danny” McGlynn

9. Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Treasury- Mike Neufeld

10. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury – Sarah Raskin

11. Under Secretary Treasury – Nathan Sheets

12. Acting Under Secretary Treasury – Adam Szubin

13. USNATO Defense Advisor (DEFAD) – Mr. Robert Bell

14. U.S. Representative to the NATO Military Committee – VADM Christenson

15. Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – James Corney

16. Chief Syria Group – [Redacted]

17. Deputy Assistant Director of NEMC [Redacted]

18. US NATO Office of the Defense Advisor (ODA) Policy Advisor for Russia – Lt. Col. Paul Geehreng

19. U.S. NATO Advisor to Ambassador Douglas Lute – [Redacted]

20. USNATO Deputy DEFAD – Mr. James Hursh

21. Chief Syria Group [Redacted]

22. US Deputy Chief of US Mission to NATO (USNATO) – Mr. Litzenberger

23. US Permanent Representative (PermRep) to NATO – Ambassador Douglas Lute

24. USA- DOE-IN – Executive Briefer – [Redacted]

25. USNATO Political Officer [Redacted] – Mr. Scott Parrish

26. USA – DOE- Deputy Secretary of Energy – Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall

27. USA- DOE-IN – Executive Briefer – [Redacted]

28. USNATO Political Advisor (POLAD) – Mr. Tamir Waser

29. [Redacted]

30. [Redacted]

31. [Redacted]

32. U.S. Ambassador to Russia – John Teff

33. [Redacted]

34. U.S. Ambassador to Turkey – Ambassador Bass

35. Chief of Staff to the President of the United States – Denis McDonough

36. Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Intelligence Integration – Michael Dempsey

37. Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence – Stephanie L. O’Sullivan

38. CIA/CTMC – [Redacted]

39. Vice President of the United States – Joseph R. Biden

22 thoughts on “Here’s Your List, Check It Twice!

  1. Flynn was in Intelligence, why does DOE and Treasury need his info to be unmasked? If only twenty people have a need to know, why are there thirty nine person requesting that info? It sure smells…

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    • Especially some flunky like THIS.
      U.S. Ambassador to Italy and the Republic of San Marino – John Phillips
      Somebody please tell me why this asshole needs to know?
      Oh there was major fuckery going on pal and it’s all going to come out now.

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      • I was wondering about the Ambassadors, but there are times when the Ambassador needs to know what is going on beneath the covers so to speak. But not until an op is in the works and generally doesn’t know the principles involved, just that they are.

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        • Actually, I’ll bet I do know why the ambassador to Italy now that I think about it.
          Ties into Mifsud and their using the Italian Security agencies later on trying to set Trump up. The same thing happened in New Zealand. You have heard of Five Eyes?


          • Yuppers, By why would Ambassadors need to know Flynn himself, what I was referring to in Spec Ops and CIA led Ops that they know, but not who


    • Muh Dementia. That poor fucker can’t even remember what he ate for lunch yesterday anymore. His candidacy is a complete sham. They have a dark horse in the wings, bet me on it.

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      • I don’t know Phil, I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday either… You think it is Frodo “Nipples” Coumo?


      • I used to think that myself. but the situation has changed. Slow
        Joe Biden has a lock on the nomination. He is 537 delegates
        short of the magic number. If he walks into the convention and
        gets fucked out the nomination, it’s going to look like a WWF
        Battle Royale.

        Hitlery pulled this shit before, but I doubt that she could do it
        again. The Clinton’s have controlled the DNC since they left
        office. My gut is telling me her goal was to set up a shadow
        government with Biden as a figurehead. Her problem is that
        Biden’s Alzheimer’s is progressing so rapidly that he will
        be unelectable long before the November election.

        Even if the debates are remotely televised, Biden will step
        on his dick and hand Trump an easy victory. The more
        people see his gaffes, the lower his poll ratings become.
        Trump should insist on late evening debates, that is when
        Sundowners Syndrome takes effect.

        As for Cuomo, fagaddabodit! He handed Trump the gift
        of a lifetime. His nursing home policy will be campaign
        issue number one.

        Hillary Clinton or the former First Wookie? They both have
        the charm of a rattlesnake and the charisma of a stone.

        I do not see some JFK moderate warming up in the
        bullpen because there are no moderates left in the
        Democrat party. I think they blew their wad by putting
        their money on the wrong horse!


    • What if he was signing for Obama? That’s who really this is all about. Biden, from 2008 on, was always just a stooge, doing the boss’ work and saying only what the boss wanted him to say.


  2. Ya’ll ain’t looking at this right. The more folks that this info is released to, the harder it will be to determine just who leaked it.


  3. The one to keep an eye on is Samantha Power. She denied under oath that
    she had anything to do with Flynn’s unmasking. You cannot get more
    specific than that. She will be low hanging fruit when criminal referrals
    are handed out!


  4. I just found this @ American Thinker, and deserves some thought.


    Judge Nap just asked a key question about this unmasking of the unmaskers.
    All 26 requests were NOT for the conversation that Flynn had with Kislyak that the FBI entrapped him on.
    The conversation the FBI trapped him on was ANOTHER conversation, and had only ONE person requesting an unmasking, who, as of today, has NOT been identified.
    Perhaps this one person is the leaker, and, so far, his/her identity has been hidden, even from senior Fibbies.


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