Especially Mine


I’m pretty sure she knows it irritates the shit out of me too because I have ragged her ass about it before when I was broke down, knew she was at home and she  ignored my calls.

More than once.

Which just gives her even more reason not to I’m sure.

6 thoughts on “Especially Mine

  1. I have a (almost) 40-yr-old daughter that lives with us, and she WON’T turn on the ringer on her phone and won’t answer the house phone either. Drives me nuts. More nuts.


  2. That would piss me off. She would find her phone broken, if she ain’t gonna answer it if I call, then she don’t need the damn thing.


  3. My Wife will not answer her phone. Her Family and Friends call me to get a hold of her. If it’s an emergency, I call my folks.


  4. I have a cell phone, not because I want one, but because my wife wants me to have one so she can keep in touch with me when I’m out. But, inevitably, if I try to call her while I’m out, or text her, she doesn’t pick up the phone. Says she didn’t hear it. So I have taken to calling her, once I am right next to her, and seeing if her phone rings. Which it does.

    So here I am, saddled with a phone I don’t want, spending money I could use on paying bills, so she can ignore me because I have to have a phone so she can keep in touch with me.

    But if I answer her after the second ring, I am doooooomed, because, screw you. Right?

    Yeah, I feel your pain. And know what you’re going through. It’s a conspiracy of the XX chromosomal structure, I tell ya, a conspiracy!


  5. None of the kids or grandkids answer. Text only. My theory on this is that when conversing via text, both parties can control the pace of the conversation by answering when they have a second or after thinking over the response. When talking directly to someone, you cannot have long pauses, or you’l get “can you hear me now?” or some such prompt.


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