When You Have Isolated So Long That Your Sanity Starts Slipping Away

This would be a clue.

“My boyfriend and I spent the whole day setting up an art gallery for our gerbil.”


18 thoughts on “When You Have Isolated So Long That Your Sanity Starts Slipping Away

  1. A girl and a guy have a ‘pet gerbil’??????

    The sanity ship sailed long ago…..Doesn’t matter if they had a shut down and isolation or not.

    Then again, is their ‘Isolation’ a 3 day hold at a mental institution?????


  2. Pardon my rant, but I am drunk and pissed off!

    I’m a disabled geezer living in Burnt Scrotum CA in the High Desert. I don’t
    get out much beyond the occasional shopping trip so I had no problem with
    the first 45 days of Trump’s voluntary self-isolation guidelines. The fucking
    COVID Nazi (Reischfuher Gavin Gruesome) has another agenda that involves
    arresting citizens who go to the beach! I am not a religious man but it pisses
    me off that Christians are banned from attending church services while these
    chickenshit socialist assholes are afraid to do the same for their Muslim allies.

    Fuck this shit, real religions like Christianity and Judaism are getting boned while
    Medieval death cults are getting a pass?

    There is a silver lining in this dark cloud. Working-class citizens and small
    business owners are speaking up and engaging in civil disobedience. A
    77-year-old barber in Michigan told Frau Gauleiter to pound sand up her
    ass. He stated that his shop will remain open until Jesus comes for him
    or he is arrested. A judge just sided with the barber.

    In Riverside Marxifornia the elected Sherrif refused to enforce lockdown
    orders, just like Virginia when sheriffs and police chiefs refused to enforce
    gun confiscation laws signed by Governor Blackface. I was never a fan of
    Elon Musk, but he just told the governments of California and Alameda
    County to fuck off, he is going to reopen his plant and dared them to
    arrest him.

    I am out of my prime and have no dog in this fight but if this happened when
    I was 20 years younger, I would have been manning the barricades with
    my sporting arms (if it came to that.) There is no way on earth that I
    would be forced to lose my job to feed the insatiable appetite for power
    that is on full display in blue-state America!

    Our ace in the hole will come from the unlikeliest place. It will not be up
    our sleeves. It will be in the hands of working-class Democrats who,
    like us want their fucking jobs back. Smooth move Democrats, you are
    alienating vast numbers of your primary voting bloc!

    Winston Smith wrote that “If there was hope, it must lie in the proles.”
    Bullshit, it lies with the working classes. Another issue I had with the
    Orwell’s classic is the idea that memories could be erased by destroying
    records. Try telling working-class Democrats in blue states that the loss
    of their 70 or 80k jobs was caused by Orange Man. This is a recipe for
    an electoral tsunami in November!

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    • My, you are an early drunk Leonard Jones… burp. You should get drunk more often! That is an eloquent rant! Holds to the truth and no holds barred. But, I gotta asked, Burnt Scrotum, is that in the Southern part of the desert? I enjoy the demonrat governors and mayors and even some repub traitors show their inner hitler for the world to see. When offing them will make it so much easier, no remorse if they ain’t human, only communists. There will be payback, mark the words of this humble asshole and others of greater intelligence and perseverance. It always comes around to the working class to set things right, for we are the greater good and only want to be left alone to raise our broods, live freely and to live as we see fit.


      • The two places I do my best thinking is on the shitter and when
        I am half shit-faced. The serious stuff comes when I am taking
        a shit, but my most eloquent shit comes when I am half in the bag!

        There has to be a reason that every American recipient of the Nobel
        prize for literature was a drunk or drug addict! Where would we be
        without Jim Morrison of the Doors? Some people are more creative
        when they are drunk or high.

        What the fuck else am I going to do? I am living in a virtual prison
        in a Godforsaken desert due to a diktat issued by my communist
        governor. The vodka and OJ are gone. I just grabbed a 24-ounce
        can of Czechoslovakian Lager and go from there. The only saving
        grace is that these fuckers will face a day of reconning in November!

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        • ” my most eloquent shit comes when I am half in the bag!”
          I know exactly what you are saying there. I used to throw down some epic rants when I was whiskey drunk.
          The minute I put the cork in the bottle and set it down that came to a screeching halt. It seems I trapped my muse in that bottle like a Genie, never to be seen again.
          I miss that part.
          It’s like I locked a part of my brain away.
          The words just won’t come like they used to.


          • I think they are there, you may have to do some soul searching and explore what makes Phil, Phil. I know psycho babble bullshit but my experience says the whiskey and drugs just lower your inhibitions so what you are truly thinking and experiencing comes out. We lock a lot of ourselves in our brain and are afraid to let that demon out. That demon is what makes us what we are and it is where sense and duty come from. I have studied a lot of normal and abnormal Human Behavior ninety percent of it is pure unadulterated bullshit, the ten percent is brilliant and what really is our muse, it is what men use to create, music, great words, buildings, a fine machine tread done entirely without a computer. That is what makes men, what drives men. I believe what we are seeing is the beginning of a Renaissance of common man taking charge and a battle of good versus communism. It is not the final battle, but an important battle and victory.


    • God dammit Leonard, have one for me!
      Wa state Govnuh Inslee just went on the Tee Vee and outlined his updated plans for fucking us in the ass indefinitely.
      He has the National Guard, Bureau of Licensing and the Public Health community all “Highly Trained” now to do tracing and forced quarantines of anyone and their entire families who they say has been exposed to The ‘Rona.
      This as part of the “New Plan” which is just an extension of “The Great Lockdown of 2020” going on here.
      I will be EXTREMELY interested in seeing how those Commies up in Puget Sound behave in the next election.


      • You caught me in the middle of a good drunk Phil. The COVID
        Nazis are going to fail. These morons think that the 7 percent
        of Americans who identify as radical leftists and the Proles
        (welfare recipients) is their path to victory. Economic illiteracy is
        far more deadly than the Black Plague.

        I am a big picture kind of guy. If the COVID Nazi governors and
        mayors think they can win by tanking their own economies and
        putting millions of their own citizens on the unemployment lines
        in order to blame Orange Man, they are fucking insane! If they
        think they can extort bailouts from the federal government, they
        are doubling down on stupid. Where are the revenues going
        to come from?

        The answer is not the very people they are imprisoning in their
        own homes. Fuck the rich, the largest tax base in America
        is the working classes! If you were flipping burgers at
        McDonald’s, the federal subsidy is only going to last so
        long. Every small business in America will go tits up
        if this goes on much longer. Working-class America is
        facing eviction or foreclosure and permanent loss of
        their jobs.

        If this is not a losing strategy for the Democrats, I will eat
        my MAGA hat. Even before the Chinese Kung Flu hit
        America, there was not enough tax revenue to cover
        the fiscal irresponsibly that has their states on the verge
        of bankruptcy!

        Have faith in the American people. They are rebels by
        nature and they will be heard in November.


        • ” Working-class America is facing eviction or foreclosure and permanent loss of
          their jobs.”

          Yep. That is NOT bungling, or a series of accidents. This is all to the benefit of our masters, our “elite” who are largely financial parasites, middle men, deviants, and often all of the above. Destruction of small-town America, the middle class, traditional and formerly shared values centered on Liberty, personal responsibility, and Christianity is the goal. Remember, to them we are, in the immortal words of Gunny Hartman, “not even human fucking beings!” We are fungible economic units to be controlled, exploited, and discarded. Power is not the goal. The real goal is humiliation, revenge even. For what, you say? Well, the list is long. We have failed our betters in so many, many ways. Just turn on the news and their wholly-owned mouthpieces will tell you all about your racism, your homophobia, your anti-Semitism (did you know that “China Flu” is somehow anti-Semitic?), your sexism, your white privilege, and so forth.

          Now I’m not saying there is some master plan behind all of this. Nor is there a single shadowy group responsible. There are many groups that are roughly allied toward similar general goals, But details aside, all the usual bad people are taking advantage of this craziness with vermin-like rapacity and eagerness.


  3. Tune in tomorrow. Something hit me like a ton of bricks since my last post.
    It involves a classic Twilight Zone episode and how it relates to current events.


  4. Politics (and sanity) aside. That’s pretty funny, and nicely done. The painting on the left is Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” But I don’t recognize the one on the right. Anyone know?

    Lucky gerbil gets to visit the museum. Our people museums are all closed….


  5. The Obsolete Man

    In the 70s and early 80s, the Democrat party steered so hard to the left
    that they went into a spinout. The Peanut farmer president praised every
    communist dictator on the planet including Kim Dong Dork’s granddaddy
    and the notorious cannibal Idi Amin. By the early 80s, things went from
    bad to worse. That is when the left’s pathological hatred of Christians and
    Jews was on full display and they began embracing Muslim terrorists like
    Yassir Arafat and the ANC communist terror bomber Nelson Mandella.

    After sobering up a bit, I jumped on Netflix and watched the classic Twilight
    Zone episode The Obsolete Man. It stars Burgess Merideth as a librarian
    who was declared obsolete by the state. Obsolete in this case means you
    have outlived your usefulness to the state and you will be liquidated.

    I found some parallels to life in Coronaville. As he sat awaiting his
    execution, he pulled out a contraband Bible and began praying. What is
    the difference between this episode and COVID Nazi’s who are banning
    their subjects from attending church services?

    The fact that a librarian was no longer essential to the state, by extension,
    books were also obsolete. This covers a lot of territory besides the Gene
    Roddenberry classic Farenherinheit 451. Who are the modern book
    burners and censors? The Democrat allies in social media. Fakebook
    just blackballed a group of 380,000 Michigan lockdown protesters.

    What is the Obsolete Man? Whitmer, Inslee, Newsome, Quomo, et al
    are issuing communist-style diktats about which workers are deemed
    essential to the state. This is right out of the Karl Marx playbook. The
    middle and upper-middle classes were destroyed in order to create a
    classless society.” Let me grab my leftist to English translator:
    Uneducated dirt farmers, peons, coolies, and peasants are easier to
    control than the educated classes. Mao and Pol Pot took this to extremes.

    Why would the Democrats destroy the entire national economy? The
    Cloward-Piven strategy is required reading on the left. The Proles
    (welfare recipients) are largely unaffected, but the middle and upper-
    middle classes are getting restless and they are starting to give their
    overlords the middle finger! The COVID Nazis will back down
    before things get ugly. The resistance will grow to the point they
    will be powerless to stop it.

    The Obsolete man or the real essential workers is us! Anyone who
    gets this reference can chime in.

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    • I see what you are saying. I have actually watched both of those old Twilight Zone episodes just recently. Can’t avoid it when the Wifely Unit watches that shit all the time.
      Have you seen Inslee’s latest bullshit?
      If you have been tagged by his Tracer team, you and your entire family have to quarantine for 14 days and will not even be allowed to go out and buy fucking groceries.
      That boy is gonna step on his dick so hard his Momma is gonna feel it.
      I have had reason to go to a local Lowes a few times in the last week or so. Every time, the parking lot is full. We The people are ignoring his stupid ass and he can’t stand it.


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