Baby Steps

I might not get there in a hurry that way but gnawing off a little bite at a time is how you eat an elephant from what I hear.


I got my new DeWalt battery charger in the mail yesterday and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had to do something with all of that shit.



Trust me when I say that there is still a whooooole lotta elephant left behind me in that picture.

But there is progress.

22 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Why do I have a feeling that this is the way life is supposed to be? Think about it, and I’m the same way, you go to work bust your ass To pay for a mortgage’ taxes, car payment, cell phone bill, cable bill, gasoline, utilities,alimony payment, kids, food, maintenance on everything and all the other shit that the TV tells you you need to have. Then there’s never any time to get anything else done. If you’re lucky you might be able to do something on the weekend for a bit. I wonder what it was like back in the day when you went to work earned your pay and you were able to survive very unlike the way things were a few short months ago. Granted most of it is self-imposed because we choose to buy the things that we do and live the lifestyle we try and live but this is an eye-opening experience. We were always told that you work hard, save. bust your ass. and you can retire. That’s the time when you can get all these projects done that you’ve been waiting for. For some reason, I don’t seem to think that’s gonna be the case for us at the end of this boomer generation. Enjoy your semi retirement now while you can Phil the garage looks great! 🙂 Stay safe

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    • Hm….sounds like you are having a moment of introspection. Hey, I hear ya,and I’ve had the same thoughts. And unbelievable as it is…..I don’t have any thing to sooth your angst! Sorry. If it helps, I heard the exact same things from my dad and his brothers; my uncles. All those guys were from the greatest generation; depression era and WW2.
      As they got older and saw that I was “growing up”, they would let slip some of their anxiety and thoughts. Amazing to listen to some of their unanswered prayers, business dealings gone wrong or just thoughts of life.
      Are my words helping…..HEH, probably not, but just another glimpse into the world of “guys”.



    • You wrote pretty much exactly what I was thinking at one point yesterday.
      I ain’t looking forward to going back to work. The only way I am going to retire is when my body just flat can’t take any more of this shit and that day is rapidly approaching.


  2. I noticed you had a couple bottles of that Totally Awesome dollar store cleaner. That shit works wonders!! Almost as good as the magic eraser.

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  3. I think many share the problem that I have with MY workshop – I do stuff around the house, take our tools & parts etc., and when done I just put them back on any open surface in the shop. That goes on and on until there is no more open, uncluttered surface – then I spend a few hours putting everything away. This is also the reason I have 5 tape measures and 6 or 7 utility knives.

    By the way, find some Speed Demon if you want some true super duper cleaning agent (works wonders on grease but don’t breath the fumes!)


  4. Good job, strong work.
    But you know that just means room for more shit, yeah?

    Says the guy who put up two 48” x 6-foot of those wire rack things and finally got enough boxes of shit off the floor so that he doesn’t have to walk sideways (and occasionally high-step across odd size boxes) to cross the room.

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  5. Over at Maggie’s Farm. Thought of you that you might get a laugh out of it.

    Feeding baby wrenches.


  6. Phil, just for giggles, could you do a 360 degree panorama (series of photos) so we can see the progress.
    Y’know, Before & After pictures.


      • Damn Phil, I just commented on an old Twilight Zone episode and
        how it relates to life in Coronaville. It starred Burgess Merideth.
        He also starred the TZ episode Time Enough At Last. You’ve
        been trying to do something about the garage since I first discovered
        your blog. Way to go!

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          • Just don’t thumb a ride with the Kanamits!

            PS I just read that armed members of the Michigan Militia are
            standing guard in front of a barbershop after the 77-year-old
            barber defied Frau Whitmer’s lockdown orders.


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