Fuck The Rules

I pretty much came to that conclusion before my age had two digits.

You could say my attitude has deteriorated somewhat since then..

Fuck em

another day


13 thoughts on “Fuck The Rules

  1. “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    ― H.L. Mencken


  2. I am happier than a pig in shit right now! Another group of liberal snitches
    was doxxed. Acts of civil disobedience are springing up in all the states
    governed by Democrat COVID Nazi’s. The first phase was humorous
    memes. These wannabe Reischfurers do not want to see phase 3!

    On the home front, my prepping plans continue apace. I now have 24 rolls of
    paper towels, and 108 rolls of asswipe thanks to the fucking COVIDIOT

    My supplies of canned meats were missing something. A childhood memory
    from the middle sixties was stirred. My mother was a WWII baby who went
    through the tail end of the Great Depression. She saved lard and bacon grease
    and always had a lot of long term supplies on hand.

    One of the items she kept was canned hams. I looked in canned goods and
    couldn’t find shit. A few days later a friend reported that he found them in
    the refrigerated meat section. Wait a minute, the shit my mom bought did
    not require refrigeration. A quick Internet search revealed that there are
    two types; The refrigerated type that will last 6-9 months, and the “shelf
    stable” type that lasts 1-2 years in a cupboard or pantry.

    I just gave away a ton of frozen vegetables to make way for meat, poultry,
    fish, etc. Buy canned fruits and vegetables, and if the shit hits the fan,
    you can always drink the fluids. I have a stock of rice, beans, flour, sugar,
    etc. that could feed the starving masses in a small third world country for a
    month and I am far from done! Unopened corn and flour tortillas can last
    for months.

    With the closures of meat processing plants, this crisis is far from over.
    I am not a prepper or a hoarder. I just remembered the lessons my
    mother taught me when I was 9!

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    • I was half raised by my Maternal Grandparents who were both from the South and had both grown up during the Great Depression.
      I learned a great deal of exactly what you are talking about from them. Unfortunately The Wifely Unit has no clue and absolutely REFUSES to even acknowledge the possibility that we will ever have to endure such hardships and REFUSES to stock food and supplies.
      The current situation alone has caused GREAT BUTTHURT that she is being forced to buy groceries more than a weeks worth at a time.
      Reality is a bitch and some people just have to learn the fucking hard way.
      That reminds me. I need to order some food grade buckets and some yeast.
      Fucking WalMart was completely cleaned out of yeast yesterday.


      • Just one more thing we have in common Phil. I am fortunate that the
        local grocery store is fully stocked with the exception of ass-wipe and
        paper towels. Two or three major shopping trips and the rest will
        be maintenance shopping.

        My mother grew up learning how to cook from her mother. She was
        still canning preserves into the middle sixties. I still remember how
        to do it.

        While our boys were fighting in WWII, the people on the home front
        faced rationing of gasoline and a shortage of food goods. The
        soldiers were eating creamed chipped over toast or mashed
        potatoes. (AKA Shit On a Shingle) She learned how to cook the
        civilian version: Hamburger gravy. I still remember how to make it
        and it works great with biscuits too!

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        • I used to love Hamburger gravy and as a matter of fact have been craving some off and on for moths now.
          They used to serve it at school when I was a kid and Granny used to make it too.
          It’s too damn bad you live so far away man, me and you would get along well.


          • Ground beef, flour, and milk. The other two ingredients are A-One
            steak sauce and Worstishire sauce. Add these sparingly to get the
            right taste.


  3. My latest Fakebook rant:

    The latest attempt by Democrat governors and mayors to extort
    bailout money from the federal taxpayers involve complaints
    that they will be forced to layoff government workers.


    While these ASSHOLES are forcing working-class Americans to
    sit on their asses at home wondering if they will even have a
    job to go back to, furloughed government workers are still
    getting their bloated salaries. While millions of Americans are
    living fear of eviction, or foreclosures, they are still getting their
    Platinum health care benefits. While the average American
    citizen has seen their pension plans whither and die, they
    still have their Platinum taxpayer-funded pension plans!
    The monstrous debts in these states and cities is of their own
    making, the Chinese Kung Flu had nothing to do with this.
    Where are tax revenues going to come from? Certainly
    not from the citizens in Democrat governed states and
    cities so long as they are being forced to stay home!
    Fuck you. You created this mess, you deal with it:

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