Believe Me Now?

I have been telling ya for MONTHS that Russiagate, FISAgate, Flynngate, all of the absolute bullshit of the Mueller fiasco and every other dirty trick we have seen pulled on the Trump administration, would eventually wind up pointing back to former President Barack Hussein Obama, directly.

It’s even worse than you can possibly imagine.

After Trump took office, Bath House Barry and his merry band of treasonous vipers, moved right down the road from the Whitehouse and set up a virtual Shadow Government!

Trying to actually keep up with what has been going on since even before Trump announced his candidacy is virtually impossible for one person to keep up with because it involved multiple government agencies, multiple foreign governments, and the entire Main Stream Media complex.

All at once!

But the light of day has finally arrived on all of this and the days of all of the treachery being hidden are over.

#Obamagate babies.

It’s a thing.

What is coming out now and especially what is going to be coming out soon for all to see is going to nail the coffin lid shut on the Democratic party.

If you thought you saw wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Lefttards after Trump won the election, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The denial is going to be so epic that it will go off the scale but the proof is out.

Spend a few minutes and watch this video to catch you up to speed and keep your eyes on the news here in the next couple of weeks. They will not be able to ignore this as hard as they try.

The Great Awakening has taken on a life of it’s own and will not be denied.


15 thoughts on “Believe Me Now?

    • That’s because a whole shitload of them are fucking dirty too.
      Trump and his most trusted people have spent the last three years digging these rotten fuckers out from under the brush. They now know who is what and why.
      There are a whole bunch of motherfuckers who haven’t been sleeping well lately.

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  1. I am not getting my hopes up. I want to see this burn the crooks down. BUT there have been no indictments whatsoever for anything in all this time.


  2. If the current theory is correct (which I believe to be the case,) Flynn had to
    be destroyed before he had a chance to discover Ubangi’s deep state conspiracy.
    That left AG Sessions. The moment he recused himself, I smelled a rat and
    concluded that he had been compromised. The rest, as they say, is history.
    The Mueller circus would not have happened without Session’s recusal.

    Ubangi salted several executives with people loyal to him and the Democrat
    party, not the Constitution or their oaths of office. He made a monumental
    mistake because he could not corrupt the entire FBI, Justice Department,
    and the intelligence agencies. If Indictments are issued against low and
    mid-level conspirators in the next month or two the whole house of cards
    will fall before the November elections.

    They will start ratting out the higher-ups in a heartbeat and Trump will have the
    October Surprise I predicted in the Spring of 2017.

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  3. When Hillary is punished you know it is real and happening not before then. Before that remember who writes the press releases. They will try to cheat you out of the election as well since there is never any punishment for that either.

    Will any of you complain to your congress critters about another 3 trillion of your money being worked on by piglosi for stimulus. That will be over 5 trillion plus now, tell them to give it back to us that $1200.00 was not enough.

    Boy they are really not letting this fake crises go to waste and the keyboard commando will accomplish nothing.


  4. This is the reason President Trump MUST BE re-elected. If some Demonrat gets elected, this whole thing goes away and nothing will happen to any of the perpetrators EVER. Also, don’t get your hopes up that Obama will be indicted much less tried. That’s going to take flipping several of his inner circle henchmen, which ain’t gonna happen. Even though there’s CONgressional testimony AND Stroeck and Page’s DM’s that implicate Obama, I don’t believe Barr will indict or try him.


  5. Trump is president now for over 3 years and nothing major in the indictments. He is now a better socialist than bernie sanders. If they create a bill for 3 trillion more he will sign that one also. The federal reserve prints money out of thin air for the bankers if $1,200.00 why not $12,000.00 120k, 120mil, 1.2 bil 12 bil


  6. it is nice that the information is coming out. at all. but…
    it means fuckall is there is no perp walk, trials etc. or has any effect on how voters vote, even those voters a hundred years dead already


  7. I have been pretty sure this was the case since it all went down. I am still pretty sure NO ONE will server any time for this, unless they get some low level nobody to take the fall. We are WAY post rule-of-law in the US.


  8. Like “Q” Has always said…. No one , will walk away from this. NO ONE. I have faith in Q and Q+. Too late for most folks to catch up just enjoy the show ; )


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