It Appears The Season Is Upon Us

Well, some of us I guess.

It went over 80 degrees here today. Folks in Arizona are laughing because it’s been over 100 there for a while now and my buddy Irish and his neighbors got snowed on today.

So they probably ain’t feeling it.

The Wifely Unit brought home some thin sliced Pork cutlets the other day so with the weather getting warm it was up to me to recommission the old smoke box.

Re-seasoning of the grill has commenced once again.


It needs a good washing even though it has had a cover over since last Summer but I wire brushed the grills, lit some charcoal in it, let it get warm and then oiled and scrubbed the shit out of them.

Then I put more charcoal in it and let it get good and hot.

The cast iron grills in it came right back to life with a new seasoning coat and then I threw those little boneless pork chops on there.

They cook super fast and they turned out just right.

I still got it.

Now for some burgers and steaks . The grills will get seasoned real good after a couple of runs and I will be back in business. If we can find something to put on it, what with this contrived meat shortage bullshit.

Because I am such a bastard and knew they were getting snowed on back East, I had to send that picture to Irish just to tease him.

He was good natured about it as usual. He sure is a hell of a nice guy.


15 thoughts on “It Appears The Season Is Upon Us

    • Oh, I don’t live in Memphis; I live “out in the county”. I don’t go there but seldom, but when I go, I carry TWO guns.


    • Are you saying you are saying you are grilling Grandma? I didn’t know times where as tough as they are over there. I understand grandmas are kinda tough and stringy meat.


  1. Fuck you guys and your warm weather.
    10″ snow here in North Maine.
    It keeps the assholes from Massahampshire and Newyorconn. away a few more days, though.

    The ole timers always said that we have 9 months of winter, and 3 months of hard sledding.


  2. Aside from spaghetti sauce, stew, soups and maybe some stir-fry I never cook indoors. Here’s a stock tip, buy Kingsford Charcoal. I bet I’ve bought their CEO a Mercedes by now.


  3. I got a great 4 burner propane grill with a sear burner and a wing-mounted
    side burner for cooking sauces, gravies, etc. I bought it in the dead of Winter
    and the money I saved allowed me to go ape-shit collecting accessories like
    a rotisserie, utensils, utensil hangers, leg and rib racks, etc. I went through
    a retro phase and added a classic looking Coleman cooler and my all-time
    favorite, a Chinesium knockoff of a classic Coca Cola bottle opener.

    The obsession got worse! I started collecting classic painted label crimp
    cap glass bottled sodas. Dr. Pepper with the 10 2 and 4 logo, Bubble UP,
    Nehi grape and orange. Shit, you can even find Double Cola if you know
    where to look for it!


  4. I bet everyone has a great technique for seasoning the grill and cleaning the old charcoal burner and preferences of propane or natural gas or charcoal. to each his own. I like fruit wood open fire for meat searing, Neanderthal style home cooking. tenderize it with a club. but, have a beer while it’s cooking cause I’m no savage.


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