Insert Maniacal Evil Laughter Here

Because you know that little fucker is mocking you right to your face.

asshole cat

I’m tellin’ ya, Cats are assholes.

Destructive, murderous, assholes.

The ones we have are tearing the shit out of the fence posts sharpening their damn claws and I had to dispose of yet another cold, stiff, mouse carcass first thing this morning off the back porch before the wife could see it and raise hell.

14 thoughts on “Insert Maniacal Evil Laughter Here

  1. Back porch? How about the living room carpet about 4 of 7 days a week. Blood and guts! At least he’s not killing birds, yet. Actually he tried. He caught a Sapsucker a year ago, and let it go in the house unharmed. It was fun trying to get him out of there. The cat was, Cool! Eh? Yeah thanks.

    Dealing with the kid trying to earn a living painting my garage/shop is turning out to be an issue. I said, roll it on. He rented a sprayer (that for some reason I had to pay for without my prior approval). Guess what? The sprayer Fuked up and made a mess, and wasted a bunch of paint. Now, what?
    Rolling it on. JFC!
    No, I don’t know shit, but somebody who has been in prison for most of their adult life apparently does. Good Grief!


  2. Not a big fan of cats. I tolerate them because they’re (usually) somebody’s pet. Not as many feral cats here as back in Lost Angeleez as I think Mother Nature cleans house in the winter.

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    • I’m can’t wait for our cat to finally die. He’s 17 after all.
      7/8’s of the dirt within our home comes from that cat!
      Every time my wife vacuum cleans our home there’s always at least half a cat worth of cat’s hair in the cleaner when she’s done.


  3. And that, grandchildren, is how your great-great grandmother survived the pandemic of 2020 by feeding her family a delicacy we now call cat a la king, or smudge for short. But that nickname is a different story.


  4. Anyone who adopts one of these evil fuckers into their house always puts
    the shit-paper rolls the on the holder backwards!


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