4 thoughts on “When Your Neighbor Calls To Tell You Wal Mart Has Toilet Paper In Stock

  1. The shit-paper shelves at the local stores are still barren where I live, but
    you can still find a bargain or two on eBay. Today I had a delivery of 24
    rolls of paper towels with a unit price of 2.50 ea. (a little steep, but not

    I just ordered 96 rolls of 2 ply ass-wipe with a unit price of .53. I do not
    see this crisis lasting that long, so will resell what I do not need at the
    cost I paid to fellow geezers in my neighborhood. I had to pay the
    state sales tax at the point of origin but both shipments came with
    expedited free shipping.

    I still like the gun turret-mounted econobox though!


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