14 thoughts on “So Satisfying

    • I think you nailed it, Greg:
      1) Female
      2) bublehead

      Probably had the radio cranked up and didn’t hear the scream of tortured plastic, put ‘er in reverse, and didn’t notice the (slight) jolt when the bumper (such as it is) parted ways with the rest of the plastic-on-wheels GenX “car”!

      Another possibility is that is was some doper (male OR female) doing the same as described above.

      Either way, the dipstick didn’t notice the crunch when they parked, unless the truck driver backed into them – which I doubt, but it’s a possibility but not a strong one. That there’s a real nice Bumper Removal Tool the truck has, BTW.

      Stupidity Is Everywhere!


  1. Some jurisdictions have fines for not removing the hitch from the receiver when not in use.
    I was issued a warrant to serve on a fella that didn’t pay his fine for a similar situation. I returned it to the court after a few weeks and said I was unable to locate him. Kinda chaulked that up as one of those ways to suck the common mans wallet dry.


      • Oregon actually has one of those laws Phil, it is very rarely enforced, but it was there, ask how I know… I got into an altercation with one of the states finest and he couldn’t find one single violation on my truck except for the hitch and he was gonna write it up. I challenged him on it and he showed me in an obscure passage in the vehicle code and there it was. I got the ticket, requested a court hearing and the Judge said WTF. He threw it out and admonished the trooper about wasting court and police time and that he had a hitch on his truck and was he gonna cite him too? The pooper refused to comment and slunk away.


      • Maybe some politician hit his shin on it one too many time and said there oughta be a law. I know I’ve bashed my shins enough times on my own truck that I now give it a wide berth every time I walk around the back end. But I leave it in there so it don’t get lost. Problem is I got 3 trailers and they all have different size hitches, so I also have a few extra rolling around in the bed.


  2. I had a GMC Safari van that I could have chalked up 5 kills from idiots running into the trailer hitch and punching their radiators. The last finally openly cracked the frame that the trailer hitch mounted to and I had to remove it. Two weeks later some jackalope ran into my now-unprotected rear bumper.

    How can people miss a big damn van? Oh, that’s right, they’re not paying attention.

    Seriously, it got so bad that a representative from USAA asked if perhaps I was actually driving backwards.


  3. Judging by the other damage on the bumper, that’s not the first vehicle it was run into. Probably why it didn’t make enough noise coming off to alert the driver.


  4. +2 on front bumper covers. One in traffic where I was rear ended and the other in a Home Depot parking lot.

    The one in the HD parking lot happened when I was inside the store. I did a pull thru on the parking space and she came in behind after I was in the store. I got out there in time to here her tell the cop my truck must have backed into her car. It boiled down to the fact I had a store receipt and she had a shopping list.


  5. Be real people, they are a hazard to your shins and an unnecessary hazard to the other cars in your home driveway too. Don’t be lazy, take the damn thing off when you are not towing. If your wife hits your truck hitch trust me it won’t be her fault. Pick your battles it is against the law in my state too.


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