Remember, It’s Who Counts The Votes That Matters

I’m thinking this was part of their plan all along.

California voters asked to vote by mail in November due to coronavirus fears



MAY 8, 202012:32 PM

SACRAMENTO — Citing public health concerns over millions of Californians showing up at voting locations this fall, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday ordered ballots to be mailed to the state’s 20.6 million voters for the November election while imposing strict new rules for anyone who participates in person.

The decision, Newsom said, reflects the assessment from health officials that the COVID-19 pandemic will not have subsided enough to permit the election to move forward under its traditional rules. While a majority of California’s votes are now cast away from a voting place, it would be the first time in state history that every registered voter is mailed a ballot.


5 thoughts on “Remember, It’s Who Counts The Votes That Matters

  1. I live in a city near Victorville Marxifornia. Since I moved to Burnt Scrotum
    in the Mojave Desert, I have been voting by mail. In and of itself, mail-in
    voting is not a bad thing, but the state has been infected by a form of
    socialism that makes the Andromeda Strain look like a common cold!


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