Is This Better Now?

Somebody was giving me a hard time the other day saying I should have a Pin Up calendar in the garage. Damn if I can remember who it was and I’m too lazy to go back and look. You know who ya are.

Anyways, I got to thinking that I actually did but it was somewhere that you can’t see it unless you are in a direct line of sight because of all the shit in the way. So I went and looked. Then I moved it so you can see I’m not bullshitting ya.


There ya go.

A GENUINE, 1969 Playboy calendar that I have had for probably twenty five years now.

Every once in a great while I will flip it to another month just for a change of scenery.

The reason you can’t see it in any of the pictures of my garage?

It’s wayyyy back in a corner.


Underneath my GENUINE Old School Snap On Girly clock.

That thing with all the straps hanging there?

That is the custom fit back brace I had to wear for OVER A YEAR after I had my lower back fused in ’85.

That fucker cost North of $500 back then.

It’s a leather covered aluminum frame torture device and I ain’t joking.

I keep it around just in case.

The straps are very adjustable and if worse came to worse I could strap my fat belly into it if I ever fucked my back up again real good.

We are talking maximum support here.

So there ya are boys, I should be in compliance regarding my Man Cave.

14 thoughts on “Is This Better Now?

  1. I used to do routine compressor services at a body shop in the Los Angeles
    area. They had a pinup of Charline Tilton, the actress from the TV show
    Dallas. Her tits could only be described as ginormous. She had one of
    those spring type chest developers and a shit-eating grin on her face. I
    threatened to steal it every time I went there, but never did!


  2. I have a couple of the clocks my self and calenders love them but you can not hang them in a shop anymore because of the femenist!!!!


  3. Used to have a small desktop PB calendar on the dash of the big rig.
    I helped my nephew get his class one license, and when he went for his driving test, he said the examiner, after determining his proficiency, started leafing through the girls.
    Passed with flying colors


  4. Nice clock. When I was living in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts (spit) I sometimes had to go and pick up parts at a machine shop a few towns over. It got me outta the plant for a few hours so that was cool. Every square inch of the walls in that shop was plastered with nude pin-ups.
    Can you imagine the horror some HR “Karen” would experience walking into a place like that today? Bwahahahaha….


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