6 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. I’m betting he thinks the car will be even faster now, cause it’s got “slicks” on it just like racecar tires.


  2. The old guys years and years ago would race cars and motorcycles on the Bonneville Flats in Utah would sand down their tires for traction in salt and aerodynamics as air flowing over treads would cause turbulence and resistance. I had an uncle that raced down there and was an automotive engineer.


  3. I have a tire like that. It is not for doing something stupid like sanding my tire. It’s because I got hit with home insurance, wife’s transmission, and brakes while putting off buying tires for more demanding expenses. Don’t worry, it is sitting parked until I can afford new tires, maybe sometime in the next month. Until then I have reverted to hardcore biker – the motorcycle is in top mechanical order.


  4. Hey, I used to “sand” my tires…. on the Spokane Raceway, at 8500 RPM, Just before the “launch”.
    Never could afford the wrinkle-walls, though.
    But, bleach is cheap.


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