19 thoughts on “Sure Pal

  1. As The Critical Drinker would say, “Nah, it’ll be fine”.

    When I worked at the mill in Camas, a fellow in the Tech Dept. had a trailer hitch bolted to the fiberglass of the rear bumper cover on his mid-’70’s Corvette.


    • I actually saw a bumper hitch correctly installed on a Corvette many decades ago. Don’t remember the year, but it was the typical 60’s ‘Vette. I know because I had a ’67.

      My first thought was, “WHY??”


  2. I’m sure that guy (I’m using the term interchangeably) is towing a radio flyer with his kid in it. That setup should work for that!


  3. Titanium allthread – check, Kayak on bicycle wheel trailer with 1-7/8 ball – check. No trailer lights – fail


  4. I have several comments:
    1. THIS is why we all pay high insurance rates.
    2. Kids, this is the sort of decision making skills you have when you smoke weed.
    3. Lexus….. most likely the strongest part of the body structure.


  5. 80:1 you have found a college professor/administrator with a degree in the social sciences, or some variation of Victim Studies. Or any public school teacher/administrator in anything other than Phys. Ed.
    3:1 it’s also the female of the species, doubtless divorced, and showing off her “Empowered Womyn” skillz.
    And 100:1 it’s someone who hasn’t picked up anything heavier than a pencil since they were in middle school.

    I feel cheated though; I wanted to see the “after” video.


  6. The more I think about it, the greater likelihood is some place in Colorado where the township or city regulations cite that all 4X4 MUST have a tow hitch. That there is compliance with stupid government regulations. By definition, it HAS one now. Useless at tits on a ball, but it complies.


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