8 thoughts on “Quick! GET THE RAID!!!!

  1. Hillary has to be shitting in her Depends. Her efforts to set up a shadow
    government under the figurehead of Slow Joe Biden is falling apart. Even
    without the court order to force New York to hold its primary election,
    Biden still wins a clear majority of delegates while Trump’s numbers are
    rising. They can’t pull a fast one with a brokered convention and at this
    point, brain-damaged Joe will be unlikely to win against President Trump.
    Every avenue for the Clinton Crime Family is closed!


  2. Past time to re-introduce DDT folks. Used judiciously it is very effective on flying insects. Heck, when I was a kid it was used indoors, we all had Shell Vapona strips for the flies and they hung in the corner of the kitchen, also used a hand pump to aerosolize the stuff in the back yard and bedrooms for mosquitoes.. IIRC the pump stuff was called Flit.


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