10 thoughts on “The Way Way, WayBack Machine Kicks One Out

  1. I remember this song very well. We a lot of us got laid during this sing, and a few more…
    I’m prolly older than most of you young whipper snappers….


    • I am 60 years old and have basically been listening to that song my entire life without knowing Wayne Cochran was the original artist who wrote and sang it first until today. RIP buddy, ya done good. I still have to say that with that Beehive hairdo, he looks like a Defensive Lineman who decided to become a Transsexual in 1962….
      Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


  2. I used to piss my sister off when we saw these bands on TV by asking her how come the guitars weren’t plugged in and where the Hell is the horn section and keyboard player? I was so bad as a kid.

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