12 thoughts on “You Have Heard The Expression Hotter Than The Hubs Of Hell?

  1. More fun than running an old beater engine without any oil to see how long the engine turns… This way, you get that warm glow that precedes seize-up.
    Good times!


  2. Looked like the wheel of the Lumina we loaned one of my sons while he attended Pitt., when he returned for the weekend.


  3. Following Phil’s time tested methods, I now have three of those cheap 4″ grinders – one flapper, one cutter composite and one cutter thick grinding wheel. Took maybe 20 minutes start to finish to grind off 3 welded gate hinges from a trailer that I am extending. Slicker than snot – cutter, hammer and tongs (those hinges get HOT), grind old weld flat with flapper, spray the rust-oleum. Done! Amazing when you are not farting around changing disks and whatnot. Hat tip to Phil this day.

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    • For as cheap as they get sometimes it really does pay off to have several with different discs ready to go.
      Glad to see you get right after it!


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