18 thoughts on “TOTAL VINDICATION!!

    • It’s a jab at everyone who ever bitched about guys like me who have way too much shit stashed away and think it is useless junk. Irish hit the nail on the head. The Kid showed me this on his phone so I had him send it me. I had to copy and paste it into an email so I could get the image onto my laptop.


  1. I’ve done this on three separate occasions (three different pieces of wood of course)
    And I can testify without doubt that there is no better feeling.

    …well there are about three better feelings,
    but No better feeling exists when limited to wood in the garage.
    (..opps, probably shouldn’t have put it quite that way)

    …yep…should have shut up a while back…
    Which is what she usually says…
    which is also related to those three better feelings…
    (OK, ok, shutting up now)

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  2. Big thumbs up to that man… I have some wood in my shed that’s been there since 1972…some metal stuff too…you never know when you may need that piece and it don’t go bad…

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  3. Gotcha beat. My Dad Hauled out a piece of lumber he had since 1968 for a project we were working on. Even knew where it came from and why it was painted goofy colors. Validated his entire packrat philosophy.

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      • He also bought an entire bunk of plywood when the price bottomed out and sat on it for years till he was ready to build his barn addition. I think that was what earned him his master packrat badge. It was either that or the fire engine red tub/shower enclosure that he scavenged from a remodel job, along with every two by four he could pry out of the dumpster. Guess who got to pull all the nails……..


  4. This might ‘sorta’ count. When Mom re-roofed her home back in ’83, my brother and I saved the best plywood soffit that had been removed for some future. project. About five years ago, the project finally happened – some hunting stands were needed and we used them as a hurricane had blown through and unused new plywood price was though the roof. Yeah – the used sheets had nail holes in them but its a hunting blind – not a frickin piano.


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