These People Have Obviously Never Been To San Francisco In The Summertime

Fuckin’ pussies.

Coronavirus: Hellesdon walker’s plague doctor outfit ‘terrifying kids’



Police have said they are keen to trace a person who has been walking around a village dressed as a 17th Century plague doctor.

Residents of Hellesdon, near Norwich, have been both “terrified” and amused by the individual dressed in a black cloak, hat, and pointed beak-like mask.

Doctors treating those with the Black Death believed the mask acted as a filter against the disease.

Police said they would like to give the individual some “words of advice”.

It is thought the person has been dressing this way for about two weeks for their daily walk, with a photograph posted on a village social media page attracting many different points of view.

One person wrote: “Scared the life out of my missus. Terrifying for kids.”

Another agreed: “Just casually… strolling around the village in a plague costume? That’s just not normal is it, do it indoors it’s bloody terrifying for poor little kids.”

However, others came to the individual’s defence, saying: “I admit he is weird but what harm is he doing… made me giggle.”

Another pointed out: “It’s not illegal and if he can’t wear it now, when could he?”

Danny Buck, a historian at the University of East Anglia, who spotted the picture, said: “It’s quite a smart-looking costume and it’s important people realise that in the 17th Century plague doctors were the brave ones who went out to see people with the disease.”

Norfolk Police said officers were aware of concerns raised about “an individual who was seen walking around the Hellesdon area wearing a plague outfit”.

They said no offence had been committed, but officers were “keen to trace the individual in order to provide words of advice about the implications of his actions on the local community”.

I love that last part too.

You can’t be scarin’ the Sheeple now lad, that’s our job.

Like I said, it’s obvious none of these poor wimps have ever been to someplace like Frisco in the Summer.

You see shit scarier than that all up and down Broadway in broad daylight all day long. It’s even more entertaining when the sun goes down on a warm Friday night and the booze starts flowing.

3 thoughts on “These People Have Obviously Never Been To San Francisco In The Summertime

  1. A friend of mine got a job with a Bay Area tech company. He volunteered for
    a job in a Sanfranfagshow 10k race. When he saw a naked male running
    wearing nothing but running shoes, he turned to an SFPD motorcycle cop
    and askes, “What’s wrong with this picture?” The cop replied you are not
    from this area, are you?


  2. I’ve got one of those masks coming in the mail, sometime sooner or later.
    Ordered it weeks ago…
    So you say I have to wear a mask to get into the grocery store?
    How about I wear this to point out the absurdity of it all.

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  3. People here used to have a sense of humour (this is from the UK if anyone didn’t know or thought it was Norfolk VA). The cops should be told to fuck straight off as no offence is being committed and the whining tossers should be told to shut up. If he did that around here, I’d follow after with a hand cart shouting “bring out your dead” You can buy these masks and suits on ebay, so whats the beef?


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