I’ll Just Help Myself, Thanks

I had to make a run to the local transfer station the other day and visit the Trash and Recycling Nazis, to get their approval to unload a bunch of garbage and tailings that had leaked out of the garage.

They have the joint set up basically for maximum aggravation for their paying customers and I have bitched about the fuckers multiple times here in the past.

There is always a big line of vehicles trying to get in the place but if you have shit that can be recycled, you can just drive right by all that and go directly to their recycling building.

I had some scrap metal that wasn’t enough to go somewhere else and get paid for so I whizzed by about twenty rigs and headed straight in there to get rid of that first.

Of course there is only room for three rigs at a time so I had to wait a couple of minutes then I whipped in and started grabbing stuff out of my rig to hand carry around another vehicle in front of me to get to the scrap metal bin.

I walked up to toss some in and saw something sitting right on top of the pile like someone had done it on purpose.

I threw my crap in the other end, looked around and saw the Gestapo guard on duty had his back turned to me and snagged the item and set it in the back of my rig before he turned around. I figured if it didn’t work it was no biggie and I would just bring it back next time. Some little voice kept telling me that there probably wasn’t anything wrong with it though.

After I got the metal out, I had to drive all the way around the entire complex, head back out to the road and then turn around in the fucking driveway so I could get in line to get rid of the garbage. Efficiency at it’s finest. I finally got it all handled and headed on home.

I set this thing down in the garage and kind of forgot about it until a few minutes ago and remembered I needed to test it,

IMG_20200501_182914 (1)

Bigger than shit there isn’t a damn thing wrong with it. People never cease to amaze me, throwing out perfectly useful items.

You gotta know this thing has been around a while, when was the last time you saw a Western Auto store?


My  Dad bought my first bicycle for me at the Western Auto store in Toledo Oregon back in 1966. Sears bought ’em out then sold them to another outfit in the early 2000’s.

They sold all kinds of stuff back in the day besides just auto parts.

They were kind of like a smaller version of Montgomery Wards.

Finding this charger like that actually worked out perfectly for me, I went to use the little one I had that I got for free a few years ago at a garage sale that had never given me any trouble and it didn’t want to work until I tipped it upside down and shook it. Must be something loose inside and I will find it and fix it, whatever it is.

You can’t beat these old Trickle Chargers and you can’t buy a decent new one either anymore.

Now they all have electronic bullshit in them because people these days are educated idiots and have no experience so the Nanny State takes any possible danger away from them without their consent “for their own good”.

I have had three that shit the bed on me in the last ten years with that electronic shit in them that were all given to me so at least I didn’t have to pay for them.

I won’t buy one of ’em, that’s for damn sure because I don’t need a computer chip to help me charge a battery because I am too stupid to figure it out by myself.


14 thoughts on “I’ll Just Help Myself, Thanks

    • I believe it, I did a very quick Google search and it says there is still one in Coquille Oregon, about twenty miles South of where I grew up in Coos Bay.


  1. I’ve got an older Craftsman charger like that but it’s a bit bigger. It’s 12 Volt only, and will charge at 10 Amps or 2 Amps.

    I’ve got one of them new-fangled Scumacher chargers with a microprocessor in it, but if the battery is really low, sometimes it won’t charge it. I get the old Craftsman out, whack the battery with 10 Amps for 15 minutes, and then connect the Schumacher up to charge and “recondition” the battery.

    I got the Craftsman from a buddy who was throwing it out. It looked new, and he said the only reason he was tossing it was because he had a newer, bigger one.

    I’ll never get rid of that sucker!

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      • I go to antique stores and junk shops looking for those kinds of things. I found a nice analog voltmeter and transistor/diode checker at an antique shop in Guthrie, OK. I think I paid five bucks for it.

        I really need to find one of those pre-computerized battery chargers, though.

        …and, speaking of Western Auto, I live in Kansas City, and the old headquarters was turned into loft apartments, but they kept the big, classic Western Auto sign on top of the building, and they turn it on at night. I have lots of good memories of buying BB guns, BB’s, fishing gear, bicycle inner tubes, pocketknives, and all the stuff a kid needs growing up in the country, at the Western Auto in my hometown of Cleveland, TX.

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  2. I still have a little one amper that I got when I was in high school. It can be switched to six or twelve volts. It even did double duty powering an old, auto 8-track player that I bolted to a beam above one of my work benches.
    I remember the Western Auto that we had in Irwin, PA back when I was a kid. That’s where we always got our ammo and hunting licenses. I also remember hitch hiking there to get a new tire and inner tube for my bike when I was about 13 or 14 back in the sixties. For some reason it was always really dim in there like a seedy bar……….

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  3. Wow, just….wow. Gotta be 40 years old at least.

    Yep, nuttin’ like a half-wave “bump” charger for trickle. I don’t buy chargers, I (re)build ’em. However, I did buy an extremely smart charger for my coach battery stack in my Motor Home, as I want to prevent sulfation/overcharge. Keeps me from having to buy $600 worth of batteries every 5 years, for sure! Pays for itself in two years.

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  4. A buddy works for the local trash company. They have a recycle yard there too. He had a pretty good gig going pulling chainsaws and yard equipment out, cleaning the carb ans reselling at a yard sale. Dummies let the gas turn to shit and toss perfectly good equipment? More money than brains.

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    • I couldn’t have that job for that exact reason. I would have junk stacked over the top of the house.
      I have seen some amazing things get tossed, I can only imagine the opportunities to pull something aside and make some money off of it because of another persons laziness or lack of skills to fix something.


  5. I got my very first shot gun, a .410 single shot, from OTASCO (Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company) when I was ten years old. Lost in the mists of time but recently, and I have no idea how, I got another OTASCO brand .410 single shot. Been offered some pretty sizeable money for that little gun.


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