LOL! OMG I Have Zero Carpentry Skills!

I’m not even joking.

I can literally remember trying to figure out how to adjust the seat height on my tricycle when I was three fucking years old.

I was, without a doubt, born to be a mechanic.


Forget about it.

My younger brother is the exact opposite of me. He is a Finish Carpenter by trade but can’t even fix a damn lawnmower.

Nature certainly has a sense of humor.

As you may know (snicker) my garage here is an unmitigated disaster area and pretty much has been since the day we moved in here.

I have hoarding issues to put it mildly.

Since I’m not currently gainfully employed, I have been out there thrashing around like an epileptic in the deep end of a pool trying to sort of rearrange a bunch of shit and get rid of a bunch of crap. With some small results. Certainly nothing to write Mom about, but some.

A long time ago I watched a few Youtubes about organizing your garage and a couple days ago as I was yet again looking for one of my cordless drills, happened to remember one in particular.

There are several out there for building these cordless drill organizers out of 3 inch PVC pipe so I have no idea who originally came up with it but it is pretty ingenious.

All this ties in with my last post when I wound up at Lowes getting what I needed to build some.

The good news is that I actually got some cut, drilled, screwed together and mounted.

The bad news is that you can take one close look at it and know exactly who did it.

Yours truly.

There isn’t one straight cut, even after going and buying a new Speed Square to use as a guide for my Skill Saw.

The holes are off and every single one of them are mounted crooked.

But they work. So there.

That’s all I was after.


Pretty freakin’ handy little units.

For my next trick, I need to come up with a smallish box with shelves or find something already built, to make a charging station and have a place to store all the damn batteries. Of course I can’t have just one brand, I have 3. And 2 of the 3 have batteries of different sizes.

The Ryobi shit has the most batteries at 6, of which two are the old style 18 volt and are way bigger than the new ones. the Harbor Freight has two different sizes of 20 volt and a guy gave me a DeWalt cordless 18 volt 3/8’s impact and a battery that works but I don’t have a charger for it, yet.

I have a Ryobi drill, 3/8’s impact, 18 volt flashlight, 2 small cordless circular saws and a cordless Sawzall.

All except the drill motor are over 20 years old.

I am going to replace all of that as they come available, with the Harbor Freight shit.

They had DeWalt and then Milwaukee stuff where I worked and I discovered much to my dismay that it doesn’t seem to matter how much you spend or what name brand you buy, they all have absolute garbage drill chucks on them.

So why spend the damn money is my opinion.

It’s not like I am trying to make a living with this stuff, it’s all hobby type work I use them for anyway.

Especially since I can’t seem to cut a straight line or drill a straight hole freehand anyway.

18 thoughts on “LOL! OMG I Have Zero Carpentry Skills!

  1. I agree, to disagree, and maybe its because all my shit is at least 20 years old, my dewalt drills all have decent chucks, and now that I sucked it up and bought the 20 volt conversion kits, maybe they’ll last just a little longer.


  2. There is a reason we still remember Eli Whitney, standardization is the cat’s meow.

    I started with Sears 50 years ago,, but dropped them when it became impossible to find spares or batteries for items where they changed designs constantly. Went to Ryobi 12 V line then dumped all that for the 18V line (blue then green), which is all I have in the shop with one exception being a Milwaukee 1/4 ” right angle ratchet wrench powered by their bloody custom battery. Would not have bought it but for Ryobi not having one at the time needed. Wrenching German cars requires some mighty odd contortions, one being the need for the small power right angle with extensions.

    In case you are wondering about how they hold up, I have a Ryobi impact 1/2″ that is 20 years old and has seen continual hard use on rusty and stuck fasteners, still works fine though I picked up a newer one with higher torque just because,

    For the price point have had very good experience with Ryobi brand. If I could have afforded to go all Makita back in the day I might have, but their stuff is (still) too pricey. Make your life simple, go with one brand that uses one or at most 2 battery styles.

    BTW that tool storage is very clever, I made one out of wood per online free plans, had the same issues with getting everything lined up and square, but it works. May try your 3″ pvc design next.


  3. The old age problem of, No room to do projects till I get organized, but I can’t get organized because I have no room to do projects to get organized……….


  4. Well done, Phil. Use the bottom sides too. You can make just about anything with wood/PVC.

    Here’s another trick–clamp short sections of PVC pipe (1-inch diameter of what ever) under and parallel to the front edge of a shelf. First drill spaced holes across the pipe to hold long tools like screwdrivers. Orient the holes horizontally, and stagger the pieces of PVC so that big and small handles line up with front of the shelf. Or, bolt one of those wall mount magnet holders under there.


  5. I too suck at woodwork and have a huge selection of cordless tools. The
    main problem is DYI or store-bought, there is no such thing as ideal
    one size fits all organization system. You can buy stamped racks you
    can attach to a tool chest or wall studs but they are usually sized for
    1/2″ drill/drivers. Most cordless impacts fit, but what about the ratchets,
    work lights, angle drills, or that full-sized 24v cordless SDS roto-hammer,
    circular saw, IR thermometer, borescope, or die grinder?

    With three or four makes, and battery voltages ranging from 12, 14.4, 18,
    and 24 volts using several different chargers and a shit-ton of battery packs,
    organizing a charging station and battery storage racks can be challenging.
    Then, what do you do with the power cables? The charging station would
    be relatively simple if you use some kind of box you can install an
    internal power strip in. Shorten all the charger cables and mount the
    chargers on the lid. One power cable and no rats nest of cables to
    deal with.


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