I Just Narrowly Avoided A Large Gathering Of Especially Stupid Sheeple

I’m still shaking my head at those dumb fuckers.

I have been very slowly, trying to clean up and somewhat organize that damn garage.

There is a little project that I have been thinking about tackling that could move that goal forward but I needed some 1X4’s and a length of 3″ PVC pipe for materials first.

As you can imagine under the current situation, obtaining those could be problematic.

So after I did some more weed eating this morning, yes, morning, I was sitting on my ass in the garage taking a break and pondering this situation some more.

Fuck it I says.

I got in the rig and drove up to the local Home Depot. my usual supplier of choice because lack of dummies working there.

I pulled down into the huge parking lot, immediately noticed a large number of vehicles and almost started to pull down a lane to find a parking spot.


I glanced up and saw a line of idiots stretched all the way across the front of the store, waiting to get in.

I’m talking at least 75 people with the now mandatory six foot personal space between them.

OhhhhhhhHoHoHoHofuckno we don’t.

I’m not standing in some fucking line for an hour for this.

I turned hard left instead and pulled out of traffic .

I was just about to turn around and come home when a thought occurred to me.

Hmmm, I wonder.

Can’t be any worse than this bullshit and it’s worth a couple of minutes to find out since I’m so close.

Just down the road at the very next light and back in another huge shopping center is a Lowes. I know they will have what I am after too.

So I wheeled over there, ran through the mini maze to get back in there to it and take a look.


Lots of vehicles just like Home Depot, no line of idiots waiting to get in.

I even found a decent parking spot!

I went in, got my shit and got out. Long before I would have even stepped foot in that fucking Home Depot.

They sanitize all their carts twice a day, have disinfecting wet wipes at the front door and I actually found someone who knew where their shit was in the store.

In, out, home and hit the bottle of hand sanitizer the Wifely Unit keeps just inside the front door.

I would bet money some of those Sheeple fucking idiots are still waiting to get inside that Home Depot.

9 thoughts on “I Just Narrowly Avoided A Large Gathering Of Especially Stupid Sheeple

  1. Hearing that make me glad I live in the middle of nowhere Ky. I have a small local hardware store a couple miles away that usually has about anything I need, and they know my name when I walk in.

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    • I envy that.
      There are some advantages to living in this massive rabbit warren but I’d swap out to what you have so fast your head would spin.


  2. I can’t paste it, but go look at Filthie’s place. He’s got a list of images, and one fits you to a T. See if you can figure out which one.

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  3. I did the exact same thing last weekend here in FL. Went to Home Depot and tried to walk in the garden entrance, as normal. Some English as second language dude in a mask grabbed me and I couldn’t understand a fuckin word he was saying. My wife finally figures out we had to go to main entrance. Keep in mind there wasn’t a sign up. We headed towards main entrance and it was just like you described. I told my wife no fuckin way. Headed over to Lowes, got my shit and was home before we would have got in at HD.

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    • Same here. Went to HD to get a small brass fitting, saw the line, left and went to Ace. No freaking lines, in and out in 5 minutes.
      Don’t ask what the fitting was for, but I would just like to say that I *HATE* Samscum dishwashers…


  4. Same thing happened to me. Had to drive back past Home Depot on the way back from Lowes. Drove trrough the Home Depot parking lot, stopped by the line and told everyone that there was no line at Lowes and that they should go there. My wife was hiding her face in embarassment but laughing so jard she was crying.


  5. Same here last weekend, HD line of twenty, split and went to Lowe’s, no line, in and out faster than my wedding night. And I even know where all the parts are (we’re talking wife unit #1 here).



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