You Better Figure This Shit Out

Our economy is going to be DOA by the end of Summer at this rate.

The Cavalry is not coming to save the day.

If you don’t already have contacts in the Underground Economy I suggest you start your own mini version. Word will get out and someone will start feeling you out to see how trust worthy you are. If you pass the test then opportunities will be presented to you.

It’s all in who ya know and get along with.

The Underground Economy is nothing to sneeze at in this country.

We are talking BILLIONS of dollars worth of transactions and that guestimate was one I saw ten years ago. It’s probably in the tens of Billions by now.

Tax and duty free.

Some Barter, some cash, run what ya brung, goods and services are where it’s at.

The government isn’t your friend, in case you haven’t quite got a handle on that yet.

Start talking to your friends and relatives first.

The Wimmins can be surprisingly good at this, they are more social oriented.

Of course I would never endorse anything illegal, right?

Rogers Jolly


16 thoughts on “You Better Figure This Shit Out

  1. I suppose work under the table is a large reason my Social security check is so low lol. It certainly hasn’t been for lack of earnings throughout my life. Working off the grid in supplement to all the occasional gigs I did building crap for various industries allowed me to raise four kids and keep the same wife comfortable for over forty years.
    Still get folks wanting me to build something , so yeah I’ll be fine . If my body can handle it !

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    • Thanks for catching that and pointing it out I fixed it, That was the last thing I did before I fell down and went to sleep. I missed it during my last proof read before I published it.


  2. This is another “feature” of their Plandemic – the push for the elimination of physical currency. Even if it is just fiat notes. Can’t have the Proles doing business out of the watchful eyes of Big Brother.
    Another reason the people that can do things with their hands, will be better off than those that can’t.

    Whitehall, NY

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    • These Eeeeediots don’t seem to grasp the consequences of just what happens to their precious E-Money when the fucking electricity goes out.


  3. I think the red states will do just fine if they start opening-up their economies
    on the federal timeline. The blue states where their governors are drunk on
    power may get shit-hammered. Given what has occurred, the stock
    markets should have totally cratered, but the DJIA is only down by 6,000
    points from its all-time high.

    When businesses start operating today, even at reduced capacity
    the markets will start climbing again. It may take a few years to fully
    recover but I do not see a zombie apocalypse ln our future. America has
    taken it in the shorts many times in the past and she has always recovered.
    While many mistakes have been made in the current crisis, I consider 45
    days in self-imposed stir a small price to pay even if was not the right
    way to deal with the problem.

    I’ll put my trust in Trump, Desantis, Abbot, Noem, over Whitmire, Inslee,
    Cuomo, Newsome, et al any day of the week. The idiots who have been
    fucking up their own state economies for years cannot lose much more
    if they doubled down on stupid. President Trump should tell the blue
    states “you fucked it up, you fix it” and deny them bailouts if they
    continue this farce by shitting on their citizen’s rights.

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  4. As soon as I get off of these damn crutches I’m going to be welding up hog traps. Big hog problem here in my neck of the woods. Figure it may be a bit profitable with the up and coming pork shortage of 2020.
    As an added plus the kids will get to learn how to do some simple welds.

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  5. All part of the plan as the Ponzi smoke and mirrors economy has reached the end of the line.
    Too many with their hands out and not enough putting something in cannot go on forever.
    Sixty years of delusional happythink fairytales are coming home to roost and it couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of Karens and Cucks who just can’t leave people who don’t want some reheated half assed Great Leap Forward redux the fuck alone.

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  6. Phil, you are a upstanding Citizen boy scout. I would never take you for dealing in illegal activities. Us country boys with madz skills are gonna eat and have a roof over our heads and survive… I just love Charley Daniels.

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  7. Regarding what is “legal and illegal” . According to our “papers”, the documents that state how our goobermynt is to operate, both internally and worldwide, Article 1 section 8 states all they can do and cannot do. The states pretty much, but not always, follow along with these documents in their Constitutions. Everything not listed in the Constitution is “Illegal”, and no law can be made outside of those parameters. IE: Null & Void. It’s really that simple. It baffles the mind how something so eloquently simple (as well as complicated at the same time) can develop into the shit show we have at present……. Pretty much just chalk it up to human nature. Unfortunately, a good many in this human population should be returned to nature. As in usefull products that make nature grow…..
    So yep, pretty much everything the citizen wants to do, aside from interfering with another citizens right to the same, is what I refer to as “legal”….. It what is commonly called “Freedom & Liberty”….
    Anyone who tries to deny you that right can just pound sand and blow it out their sphincter hole….


  8. No matter what you do to provide for yourself/yours; no matter what you may have, it’s meaningless if you don’t have the means and skills to keep it.

    Just sayin’….


  9. By the 1st of May actually. Read James Armstrong, of Armstron Global. He wrote a open letter to President Trump.
    We are looking at a 13 year global depression worse thanthe’30 ‘a. God luck to all.


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