The Entire World Should Be Grateful I’m Not From Texas

Can you even imagine?

As fuckin’ crazy as I was when I was younger?

Just the thought of it scares me.

19 thoughts on “The Entire World Should Be Grateful I’m Not From Texas

  1. Hey – I resembled that remark when I was younger, but I’m a respectable 57 now, two adult children. Most of the reason why Texans have that reputation is living in Texas summers – shit, not for the faint of heart in the early afternoons.


    • I live in TEXAS!!!! The greatest state in the Union!!! We don’t take ANY crap, libturds!!! I was in the military here, loved the way the folks treated me, and been here ever since. At 65, I ain’t takin’ NO SHIT, from a commie fucking pinko fagot dick eatin’ waffletwatts!!!! And I am still mean enough to whoop someone’s sorry ass if they challenge me….

      Phil, your a Texan at heart, let me tell ya. You’d fit in PERFECTLY here, and you would be welcomed with a hardy handshake, a slap on the back, and welcome in my shop ANYTIME!!!!

      I’m glad ta think of yacas a brother….

      Stay safe up there in the land of loonies and commie fagots!!!



  2. “Dick, I give it a 10 for being easy to dance to and a 4 for the lyrics. Plus a 50 for the backup dancers!”
    Thank God, I can live in Texas.


  3. Born there….raised everywhere else. Now living in the Democratic Socialist State of Virginia. Thing is, state government may be “pinko socialist” but the run of the mill citizens are very conservative. Its those damned freaks living around DC that run this state. Damn shame.


  4. The Entire World Should Be Grateful Iā€™m Not From Texas
    Hell, I’m just glad that you don’t live in my neighborhood………………..
    Just kidding. It would be cool if you lived near me. Then I would have someplace to take all the old stuff from my garage that I want to 86……………………….


  5. I was there when this video was made. I was visiting in Oklahoma City and went with some friends, one of whom had been the road manager for the band for a couple years. I was recorded in a soon to re-open bar. Free booze with the bad, cheap booze at the bar and strippers. Who could argue with that? IIRC there were 8-9 takes which were used to make the video.

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  6. Phil, thanks for the find dude! I live in Jerseystan and would go to DFW area every year for training. I LOVE the Lone Star state for many reasons. You’ve just added one more.


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