You Might, Just Maybe, Want To Start Paying Attention To This

Because it’s fucked, up.

What this guy is going to tell you is true.

Ranchers are being told to dispose of cattle, chickens, hogs and everything else. At the very same time, we are importing beef from fucking Namibia?!

Brazil too.

Our food supply is under attack.

This isn’t hyperbole or fear mongering, it’s a fact.

14 thoughts on “You Might, Just Maybe, Want To Start Paying Attention To This

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  2. I own a small aresnal of firearms all of which i bought because i wanted or lusted over. I am now shopping for a rifle i wish i didn’t have to buy and i pray that i will nerver need.


  3. This calls for (I can’t believe I’m saying this) government intervention. All of the
    workers at these plants need to be tested for Kung Flu antibodies, and a strict
    regimen of routine tests needs to be implemented. If the Chi-coms shut down
    the Smithfield plants just to fuck with us, the government needs to take over
    the plants!


    • Sometimes Mr Leonard you have to use force and sometime the government is an effective force. But ya got to ride it’s ass with a whip and make sure the same government sells to a US firm with NO foriegn owners, or investors. Farms, ranches and associated food processors are a national security risk and should be treated as such as No foriegn entanglements.


  4. That is the absolute last thing we need is for goobermint to take over anything. By our reliance on goobermint to do stuff for us is what got us into this shit show in the first place. Doing things we should be doing for ourselves. By the simple statement “somebody needs to do something” opens the floodgate of gummint intervention. When you talk about gummint taking over a plant, or an industry, you are talking about nationalizing or gummint control of that plant or industry. And that boys and girls is pure socialism. Gummint is nothing but force and control. And once they are in control you will be forced to do their will, like it or not….. I suggest you read and study and re-read it and then again and again, the US constitution. Specifically Article I Section 8 describing exactly what and only what the feds, as well as the states, as they primarily follow along with the US Constitution, are allowed to do and make laws concerning……. Every one of these goobermint assfuks needs to have their asses handed to em mui pronto. As in the next election……. This is OUR country, they are the mere lackeys that work for us…….. Start acting like it !!!


  5. That was right on, my man! We’ve been lead around by the snout for too fuckin’ long, and I got grandkids to worry about….


  6. Breaking news: President Trump just cited the War Production Act to order meat
    processing plants to start producing again. He promised the company the
    government will provide PPE and institute strict testing policies.

    I knew that Trump would not allow this to go on.

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      • I smelled a rat when the Chinese owned companies Smithfield
        and Tyson closed up their plants, I began thinking about the
        possibilities of chronic meat shortages. The result would
        make the shit paper crisis look like a walk in the park. By
        late last night, I was thinking that President Trump would not
        let this stand. He came through again.

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        • Leftist caterwauling and Congressional investigation in 3… 2… 1…

          My only curiosity is what they’re going to accuse him of this time. I’m gonna go with “slave labor!!”


  7. Well, well, well. I was NOT aware our FOOD PRODUCTION plants were owned by the Chinks. Time to Nationalize them for National Security reasons.


  8. Anybody volunteering to go work the line for those wages? Anybody?
    The government IS why they are closing down, Mr Jones. Somebody gets sick and they quarantine the ones around that person. Then there are others who have been so filled with fear by the media, they’re saying Fuck That, I’m not going to risk my life for this in this crappy job. Throwing more on the unemployment checks, making them worth more than the paycheck didn’t, help either.
    Those Millions of pounds inventory WAS mere days that balanced the price/supply chain WHEN all the plants were running. Now supply is reduced by 25%, and those days of supply have turned into Hours of supply.
    Trump got played, being led down a dead end path, by people who have nothing to lose but their government paycheck. Remember that at the ballot box. Republicans are bad. But Democrats are Worse.


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