This Would Be A Neat Concept For A Mechanic’s Road Box


This steamer trunk from 1890 converted to a dresser so the traveler didn’t have to unpack.

Put a solid surface across the top of the two bottom boxes for a little work surface, turn the top drawers into 6 or 8 little drawers on drawer slides, have the two bottom boxes slide out also and you would have a pretty handy road box.

Of course it would take two full grown men and a boy to load but if it was bolted into the bed of a truck and locked up you would be good to go.

11 thoughts on “This Would Be A Neat Concept For A Mechanic’s Road Box

    • Wow.
      Functional beauty and I do mean beauty.
      It is both ingenious and gorgeous.
      Nice to see it got restored and the missing pieces replaced.
      Thanks for that.


  1. Our ancestors were smart people. Now? People use garbage bags for their clothes.

    Then again, back in the days, one could move, without furniture, with just two suitcases max per person.

    The other steamer trunk style stands on the short faces and is basically a short closet.

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    • Back then it wasn’t a throw away society as it is today so people took care of their clothes and packed accordingly, clothes were expensive but lasted longer. Why people have clothes lie about and disregard them. No personal responsibility.


      • Very much like that if not even more so: shoes. Most people had – if they could afford it – one pair of nice yet sturdy shoes made for them by a shoemaker. These were worn on Sundays and festivities only. The other footwear was made locally at home or at the farm. The latter kind of shoes mostly consisted of wooden, pretty thick soles with some leather attached so one could slip in. In the Netherlands they carved those shoes completely out of a wooden log.
        Oh, and it was tradition for every woman to be buried in their wedding dress.


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