Poor Bastard

poor bastard

What everyone else sees,

“Oh look at how nice and organized all his tools are!”.


What I see?

The poor bastard doesn’t have enough tools to even fill a small roll away.

21 thoughts on “Poor Bastard

  1. I dream of the days when everything I needed to do my job would fit in a small rollaway.
    Last time I switched shops, my box came in at over 5130#.
    And like the rest of us dipshit mechanics, every new model year we have to dig deep and fork out more money just to keep up with shit.


    • Thankfully those days are long gone for me although I do still have several Ford specific special tools from back in the day that are probably obsolete by now.
      5100 lbs tells me you have a monster roll away.
      When we moved in to this place I had 3 guys trying to get my biggest Snap On up on to the lift gate of the truck we were using and one of the wheels folded under because it was so overloaded.
      That was exciting.

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  2. The guy in the photo isn’t doing enough jobs. If he were the bench would be covered with layers of tools, parts, and the layers would be so deep that archeologists would be researching the site eons from now.

    Remember, every flat surface is a storage area!

    I added scrap wood of sufficient thickness under the front wheels to make the roll around cabinet drawers self closing. I wish I had done that before the topple over, but I didn’t get hurt, and the damage was minor. I was lucky and learned a lesson.

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  3. I used to like displaying my too……….Oops, wrong blog…
    Anyway, looks to me like this dude is a carpenter, not a mechanic.


  4. Phil, you see not enough tools, and I agree. What I see he has space, space to work on a project without moving half of his garage and space to in a few hours clean up and look like House and Gardens… I know, fuck me.


    • Another, he is not a serious tool nerd, his bench is a wimpy bench, major persuading with a sledge and that bench will fold like a folding chair under a fat guy. One item, he has a pop topper on the left leg.


    • When I moved in to my current domicile 10 years ago, I “inherited” two very sturdy worktables, one of them strong enough to (gently!) put a smallblock engine on it. Problem is, they are now filled with crap that needs to be elsewhere so I can use the table as… a workbench table sturdy enough to hold projects (engine blocks, whatever…) to work on without bending over!
      I gotta reorganize my breezeway so it can be used as a mini/temporary workbench.area.

      That vise is a wuss, too.


      • egorr, why is it serious tool nerds all have this problem? Too many tools, cluttered work benches, too many projects? I am sure if it could be answered, that tool nerd would be richer then Gates and Soros… (spit on their shoes with chew)


  5. What timing, I just spent $250.00 on tools yesterday, wifey unit says: WHAT DO YOU NEED MORE TOOLS FOR??? Me: because, they are tools!


  6. Work bench usta look sorta like that, even had a couple dozen lawn mower wheels stacked up, same stereo. All that shit wound up at the Rebuild Center. Can no longer conveniently display tools. Obama sons come from the MAX line, miles away, to relieve me of them. They’re all faster than OJ and dog is too old.


  7. Not to make fun of your “closet” work bench & area, but since I built my “tool shed” (10′ x 20′) and consequently turned it into a work shop, cause I have no other place right now to work on shit. I’ve discovered that I’m always tripping over stuff, with no more useable storage space, cause it’s simply to crowded. Discovered that to “Do It Properly” I need a space somewhere in the vicinity of about 60′ x 100′ – and that’s just for the tools, with an additional 2nd story for parts & spares…. Ahhh, the stuff dreams are made of……


  8. My dad was a mechanic too. At the end of the day, all the tools went back to their place, everything got cleaned up, and violators were shot and pished on. Gawd, we had some fights about it. Now I have my own man cave, my own tools, and more than a little clutter. I live by a lesser rule – when I start tripping over myself, I clean up. Pop looks at it and sighs with disgust.

    Whatever – I have far more fun in my shop than he had in his. 🙂


  9. I was remodeling a guy’s kitchen. When removing the old dishwasher he offered to help. ‘I’ll go get my toll, I’ll be right back.’, he says. I think, did I hear him right, tool as in singular. Twenty minutes later he comes back with a single allen wrench. I just had to see his tool bench. It looked pretty much like this one except far less tools. I felt sorry for the guy, he actually thought he could help. Because later while hanging new cabinets he again offered to help. So very proud of himself as he held up his…framing hammer. Um, this is finish carpentry, you knew that right? Also, he knew not how or even had a tool for the job of turning of the water into his home.


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