Paging Mr. Phil Carson

Mr. Carson to the white courtesy phone, your party is waiting.

I don’t know where you went dude, it’s like you dropped off the face of the Earth.

Anyways, I saw this and thought of you. I’d imagine you’d appreciate the workmanship.


Don’t be such a stranger.

12 thoughts on “Paging Mr. Phil Carson

    • With CAD/CAM it’s actually a snap to design, fit, get all the angles and dimensions.

      The actual WELDING, however, shows that the Mark I human brain is still champ! That is breathtakingly well done – the only other time I saw such skill was a Union welder in the shop at a Conoco refinery do the same to joining two 12″ pipes, using a stick welder. He NEVER paused when he changed sticks, you could NOT tell when the change occurred by how the weld looked. The guy was at least 40 years old and still looked quite spry, which is unusual in the welding industry.

      We need guys like this in America, no frakkin’ College Degree needed – just raw skill!


    • Welding is one skill I never learned, wish I had. However, my current neighbor is a retired Ironworker and welds doggone good. Problem solved.

      We swap talents. When he needs something technical, he leans on me because I have the tools and know the technology. Most of my neighbors do, we all get together and help each other when we have to!

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      • I feel roughly the same. I stopped welding because I was tired of being burned and hot crap dropping into my leathers. I didn’t ever really get any good. In hindsight I should have stuck with it. But think of all the scars I don’t have.

        It’s a great skill, in demand, high paying.


  1. Wow. Cain’t ye jes’ LOOK at that ‘n’ tell, they’s 36° ‘tween ’em? Nope? Me neither…
    But I can look at some 200-year-old painting of a clown in Paris, and tell you the frame is out of square. Or the picture is not hanging level…and don’t you DARE call that a gift! Ha!


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