9 thoughts on “I Can Assume It Comes With Underground Parking?

    • I’ve watched hours of documentaries on how people are turning those missile silos and their attached bunkers into living spaces.
      You sure have a very safe milspec-home once you’re finished with years a after years of hard labor on that shit.
      Even if someone handed me such a fully converted “home” for the price of a can of Coke or – even cheaper – for a barrel of oil I wouldn’t want to be living in there.


      • Trust me, Notwende, when I say that where the old Atlas and Minutemen silos were located, the silos were actually quite cozy compared to the -50 degrees F that was “topside”!

        I would have bought one in a minute (pun intended!), rolled away the launcher door, and put a clear quarter-dome over it for light. With another one just inside it with automatic shutters, it would’ve been a really neat place to live. Nothing to see in North Dakota anyway – no hills, no valleys, NO TREES.

        I would’ve done a radiation site survey first, though. The launch tube, especially, was fairly “hot”. It’s from the proximity of 1 to 3 nuclear warheads sitting there for 3+ decades…

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        • There was some decommissioned missile silos in South Dakota too that a developer bought and was going to rehab them for doomsday preppers. Problem was most were on Western grass lands faraway from any civilization and on Indian Rezes. The people that wanted to buy wanted the safety it seemed to afford them but wanted a night life and upscale civilization close by… goes to show ya can’t please everybody.


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