I Am Forced To Admit That Someone May Be A Bit Crazier Than I Am

Our buddy Cederquist has outdone me.

I have pulled some crazy stunts in my day, more than I could count even if I could remember them all but even I would draw the line at dragging this combo clear from South Fucking Dakota clear to Idaho in late Winter.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

He packed up all his worldly possessions into that combo and drove for four days to get there.

He says there were more than a few ass puckering moments and I believe it.

I know I am glad he made it all in one piece.

He says he should finally get to move into his apartment Tuesday, he has been living in the trailer since he got there.

Ya gotta admit it was convenient to drag a domecile with ya.

He seems to be doing well, even got a little part time gig to make some beer money.

My hat is off to ya dude.

Crazy bastard.

16 thoughts on “I Am Forced To Admit That Someone May Be A Bit Crazier Than I Am

  1. Last year, camping in a little town outside of Gettysburg, I see a guy pull in with a dually crewcab pulling a 40′ 5th wheel and a trailer a bit bigger than that one. It was hauling his golf cart. I guess it was legal, IDK?


    • John it is, both trailers have to be licensed, have lights and safety chains. This trailer is a 19′ with a 5X8 cargo behind that. I used to have a 30′ with a 9′ utility trailer I built in metal shop class in high school that I drug behind that back and forth across the US and I never got one hassle from cops.


  2. Phil, I was willing to do it in end of December or early January if my apartment would have been done by then. Now that is crazy…


  3. I have never seen bumper pulls in tandem. I thought the rule was 5th wheel main trailer and bumper for tag. But never go by what I say. Hey it worked, good on you! That’s cool.


  4. Cedreq, I am MIGHTY glad the Wind Gods were asleep (mostly) when you were hauling. Even though I’ve driven some Big Rigs in the Military, and now have a 34′ monster and will be auling my Jeep Grand Cherokee behind that, I still think *you* are King of the Road.

    Ya gots big big brass ones, buddy! Glad you’re safe.


    • Yes I did, that is where I hit a cross wind on the back side of the pass and needed emergency upholstery repair cuz the center of the seat was puckered up from the back trailer swaying like a mo fo.

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  5. Built a doubles rig before. A gooseneck travel trailer with a motorcycle trailer behind it. The bikes were worth more than that ratty ass travel trailer but, wth, it kept the rain off.


  6. Far as I know that outfit is illegal in all states. Commercial Truck enforcement doesn’t get away from their scales much and regular LEO just sees it, (maybe) but don’t know what to do about it. However, in states that allow Triples (commercial) it is legal on all highways approved for it. BUT, and it’s a big BUT, the first trailer MUST be a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer, same as a commercial setup….. FYI…


    • AFAIK, enn ess, both Idaho and Montana permit this sort of thing. They don’t outright go looking to pull people over, though, even if it’s not. Keep it under 55 and I’m pretty sure you won’t get much hassle anywhere.

      Just my observations…


      • Egorr, that is the big secret, stay in the right lane, keep at 65 for the most part, don’t be an arrogant ass and have license, lights, chains, stay under the gross weight of the truck, in my case, 11,000 pounds, I have a C3500 and drive like ya own it. Helps I use to drive tandem tankers years ago, very easy, just keep to a set of hard and fast rules about tandems. Early comment, I went across from Oregon to Georgia and Alabama four times with a 30′ travel, and a utility trailer, no problemo and passed State Cops, Commercial, City and County cops, didn’t bat an eye.


    • Spoke with a California Commercial Vehicle Inspector / CHP, It is legal here as long as the tow weight of any hitch is not exceeded and there are trailer brakes if needed by weight. Oh and you do need a Doubles / Triples endorsement.


  7. I know it’s legal in South f’in Dakota. but it still scares the crap outa me when I’m on the bike and I see an approaching truck pulling a 40′ fifth wheel and a party barge. Good on you for making the trip Cederq.
    Hang in there Phil. I was in the UI system for a couple months this winter. Just as bad here. And they cheated me every chance they could. I got thru it. So will you.


    • A man who knows what South Dakota’s real name! I firmly believe pick ups should not pull anything over 30′ in length. I have seen buttwipes pulling those same 40′ behemoths with 3/4 ton trucks… morons from Uranus! Minimum of a class 7 truck like a GM Top Kick with air brakes should be mandatory. They are too big, too tall and weigh too damn much for a pick up with electric trailer brakes. I moved from De Smet to here in Grangeville, ID.


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