16 thoughts on “Read The Shirt

  1. “Intelligence is Beautiful”, eh? Strike two!!

    Hey, we learn by doing, and if we survive the experience, more’s the better!


  2. I am reminded of an Internet video of a bunch of college students (by definition
    adults,) sitting in a room while some chick took nearly 10 minutes to figure out
    how to use a common hand-cranked can opener. If this is an example of our
    future, I am happy to know I will not live long enough to see it!


  3. Intelligence is beautiful, common sense is priceless… Me thinks the lady has been over schooled. I firmly believe women should not be schooled beyond 6th grade. Our society has been too feminized and that is why we are seeing the problems today.


  4. That reminds me of the time we had a guy helping us on the farm.
    He had all his brains, but they were arranged differently than most.
    I was working on a tractor, and he walked by, picked up a 1/2″ air wrench I was using, and stuck his finger into the 3/4″ socket and pulled the trigger.
    Spun his fingernail and half of the meat off the end of his index finger.
    Some people should be quarantined for life.


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