That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

Adapt and overcome dammit.

Use the resources you have at hand and make it work.

“Didn’t have a pot lid, but I had a cheap pizza pan, a pop riveter, and a coat hanger. Now I have a pot lid.”


When you don’t need it for that anymore, drill out the rivets, set it over a bucket and you have a self draining cleaning tray for cleaning greasy parts.

Some people call it recycling or repurposing.

I call it common fucking sense.

I have a bunch of old tin kitchenware shit out in the garage, even a porcelain covered turkey cooking pan I use for cleaning parts in that some lady gave to me at a garage sale just to get rid of it.

Old bread pans, pie tins, cookie sheets, I use ’em all the time for drip pans and such.

If they get too nasty or wiped out then and only then, do I toss ’em.

6 thoughts on “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

  1. Whatever fucking happened to traditional solvent tanks? When CalOsha issued
    an imperial decree they were replaced by similar tanks that used hot soapy
    water and air-powered agitators. The brushes were easily fouled with grease
    and grime forcing us to use classic nonabsorbent windshield wiper towels to
    scoop out the grease and deposit them in sealed barrels. The company then
    had to pay to have these barrels “processed” as toxic waste.

    I begged the maintenance managers to find some chemical solvent they could
    use as an alternative. I told them that I could whip out my dick and do a better
    of cleaning parts than the hot soapy water bullshit!

    Who even remembers the small barrel based air agitated carburetor cleaners
    or hot tanks? Even steam cleaners are verboten in the People’s State of
    Marxiornia for fear that oil, grease, and grime pollute the sewer systems.

    Newsflash: Safety solvent and dry cleaner fluid are chemically identical to
    to common paint thinner. Find a solvent tank (new or used) and clean
    parts to your heart’s delight. Be sure to dump the shit at your Nazi state


  2. Recycling at its finest, Phil!

    When us Boomers die off, and the SHTF, will the Millenials, Gen-Xrs, and the snotflakes of today do when the music dies? The die-off will be pretty severe!


  3. Ya got that right egorr, they’ll be up the proverbial creek without a paddle, or the fucin boat. Hell, from a lot I read and hear, a goodly portion of em can’t even change a damn lightbulb. And these are the commie little twitfucs that are gonna inherit the governing of the world. Oh Lordy Lordy, they are in such deep shit…. Here’s a small sample, interesting and entertaining…


  4. Who remembers the gallon jugs of carb cleaner that you soaked carbs in for about a half hour .Bright ,shiny and Bristol clean.


  5. Once it is (finally) wore out, I’d scrap it instead of tossing it. I don’t generate enough scrap to be worth taking it in, but I know a couple people I can delight by giving them what I have.


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