I have things to do so this is gonna be short. So far everything about this Unemployment thing is just a giant, confusing, Clusterfuck.

I think I managed to make a claim over the internet but it got flagged for some bullshit claiming I was a member of the Longshoreman’s Union, that I may have had an injury to claim and something else that escapes me at the moment.

The Union thing must be from a previous employer from over ten years ago, the injury thing is a mystery.

They say the have to call me to try and straighten that out and it may take several days. Which means they will call me very early in the morning after I have been working nights for ten years and don’t wake up before eleven.

I have to go to some Workforce outfit and do job searches and I don’t have a clue what that’s about yet but is where I am headed here shortly.

I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer to begin with but dealing with a firmly entrenched government agency that is massively overloaded with millions of other people already out of work and dealing with their Byzantine rules promises to be quite the time sink.

The backing plate for my Mini Lathe Chuck showed up this morning. After I spend the afternoon fucking with the Unenjoyment system I might go see if it actually fits.

Stay tuned, I can feel a major hissy fit coming.

8 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. I filed for unemployment three years ago. Bureaucracy hoop jumping and all the rest of the unemployment Olympic events. I get the “need to be able to document a job search” because they want you to go to work. That’s kind of silly today, but the red tape doesn’t change just because of COVID-1984.

    The stuff that irked me, a computer geek, is their computer systems and how the reporting is done. Drove me BUGGERS! Stuff was 20-30 years old judging from the interfaces. The underlying processes? I’m thinking 1950s.

    So I feel your pain. Just do yourself a favor and be nice and empathetic with your case worker. They apparently get grief from most of their cases and being empathetic with them will go a long way toward the required contacts going in your favor. At least that strategy worked for me.

    I have no doubt you’ll find a path through the jungle.


  2. Getting and maintaining unemployment is a job in and of itself.
    I’m pretty sure that I’m only 12 days away from my new career being a ward of the state myself.
    Good times, man, good times!
    After working 12/7 since the last forever I’m pretty sure all of this extra time is going to be detrimental to my sanity.
    Idle hands and all that.


  3. No matter the hassle, no matter the fools you have to deal with, no matter what they say. make sure you do the weekly online filing. Eventually they will get squared away and you will get checks back to the day you started your claim. Patience grasshopper.


  4. Phil, I really feel for ya. Back in 2015, everyone was laid off here in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Companies went from over 4800 (like the one I was with) to a few hundred in under two weeks. Unfortunately, I also lost a couple of co-workers, as the not working hit too hard for them. While I can’t speak for other occupations, being a mechanic means we are a uniquely fucked up bunch, and we have that uncontrollable need to be doing shit – always. As you are a mechanic, I know you will find that routine you need; after watching your blog for a year, I don’t worry about you. Mechanics by nature, don’t lose – it isn’t in us.
    I do wish you Godspeed.

    Oh…… one thing: if you think you miss the shop, periodically smash your head under something, bash a finger or try removing an entire fingernail. Just to remind yourself every now and then.


  5. I wonder if Small Parts Mfg down in Portland is still running during this nonsense. I used to do service for them occasionally years back, nice guys. Maybe check into them and see what’s up. Better than sitting in a government office.


  6. dynamite, phil.
    all human caused problems can be resolved with the correct application of a suitable amount of high explosives detonated at the proper time in the proper sequence while exercising all safety considerations applicable to the handling and care of such materials while in the presence of persons of less skill than yourself.
    once I figured out that working in a volatile industry was not conducive to long term job stability I thought long and hard about what kind of jobs remain when all others are getting closed out. it turns out that working in a government jobs search office is a standout winner of a job that never gets laid off or cutback. they are always looking for fresh meat-new hires to do the jobs interacting with the public(no one wants to deal directly with the public) and supervisors usually get paid and promoted by the numbers of people that they have working under them.
    but then I went and retired.


    • seriously, drove past my FORMER EMPLOYER packaging corp of america and saw they are a critical industry cranking out boxes for americas online retailers to ship good with. bottom feeders never die and the paper dust encrusted machinery always needs lubing and fixing and calibrating. a mechanics work is never done. until he retires. then, fuckem


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