Bloody Well Done Gentlemen!

I got woke up after a horrible nights sleep by the doorbell this morning.

I managed to stagger around and get the door open just in time blurt out a thank you to a Fed Ex driver who was already half way down the driveway heading back to his truck.

I knew what was in the package so I set it down next to my recliner and tried to get some more sleep.

A couple hours later I finally blinked my eyes open and groaned as I heaved my crippled up old ass out of the chair and headed to the coffee pot.

It took me a bit to get going today. After I got my heart beating I set down again and tried to make heads or tails out of this unemployment claim I have been messing with since yesterday. What a genuine fur lined clusterfuck this process is.

I shit you not, I had TWELVE tabs open on my laptop just for that and STILL didn’t have a fucking clue as to what the hell is going on. I have been dicking with this off and on all damn day. I THINK, that I finally have a valid claim filed as I finally found a claim number. I am still not sure where to go next so I have also found a phone number that I guarantee I will be dialing over a hundred times tomorrow ,trying to get an overworked and miserable unemployment agent to talk to. All I can do is try at this point. There is so much contradictory information even a fucking lawyer would be pulling his hair out trying to get it straight.

Anyways, enough of that shit, on to the reason for the title of this post.

The package I got was the 4 inch chuck adapter I ordered from Jolly Olde England a few days ago.

I flat out ignored it all day. I had some other project I was working on and I finally got that finished first.

Then I put a bunch of tools away and opened up the package.


Very nice.

A little ding on the outer edge but other than that it was a piece of art compared to the POS I saw on FleaBay last week,


Well worth the wait.

I dug the chuck out and cleaned all the grit out of it, discovered it has reversible jaws and lubed it all up nice then slapped the adapter on it to see how it fit.



Then I took the adapter over to the Mini Lathe, took the collet chuck off and test fit it on the spindle.

Another beautiful fit.

Cleaned everything up shiny and put it all together.

It’s heavy and it sticks out a long way on the 7X10 Mini Lathe bed but it’s going to work.

Just .001 runout on a hunk of 1/2 bar I had laying around.



The jaws don’t close all the way, when they are run all the way in there is an opening so there won’t be any teeny tiny things getting worked on with it but thankfully I now have that collet chuck and a whole set of collets for that.


It will be a while at this point but The Good Lord willing, down the road I will get a 4 inch 3 jaw chuck, with the fucking adapter, to fill in that hole in my capabilities.

This of course has opened a Brand New can of worms as there is a torque increase upgrade that can be done to help the thing along at slow speeds. You can hear the little motor crying it’s eyes out trying to maintain speed when a load is put on the chuck at slow speeds because it is so heavy. Believe it or not, there are actually 5 inch chuck conversions available for these things!

I think this is pushing it far enough.

With the recent events unfolding and me being unenjoyed, I am damn glad I paid for this before I got laid off as it would have been out of the question at this point.

So two projects down today. I have no end of things to do and after I get this unemployment thing straightened out I am going to start knocking them out one at a time.

Who knows, I may even make an attempt to clean the garage a bit.

First I have some tool boxes that need to get rearranged and straightened out though. I see another round of downsizing in my future.

Some shit that just needs to go.

If it’s still usable I will find a home for it, if not….


21 thoughts on “Bloody Well Done Gentlemen!

  1. You got lots of time on your hands.
    Figure out how to make something to sell with this equipment.
    Many a millionaire started out in a garage.

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      • Here in Floriduh, after a full month they’ve only managed to process 10% of the claims submitted. Meanwhile fifty thousand were just furloughed from Disney over in Whorelando.
        One of the few times since my crash , that I feel that I’ve got an advantage. I’m used to hanging out at home, being broke and starved for company.


  2. That is sweet everything worked out, funny, when I saw the pic of the 4″ adapter first thing I saw was that ding and I thought oh no… Phil is getting fucked by the tool gods. It seems only a slight blemish like it was dropped. It does look nice on your little lathe, you look like a Tool and Die maker now.

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    • A little practice and Phil will be doing interference fits on a regular basis!

      In the meantime, I got my micro rivets via UPS yesterday, and proceeded to put the A/C’s electric blower motor back together. Had to borrow a .100 drill from my machinist friend to slightly open up the holes in the end plates and the bearing cap, No biggie, everything fit like a glove and the rotor spins almost effortlessly – I say effortlessly because the motor oil I used to lube it is a little viscous at 40 degrees!
      Aside: the box that the rivets came in was apparently smashed flat, it looks like an accordion! Didn’t even bother the small ziplock baggie inside that had the rivets in it. No harm, no foul, but I see UPS had to re-label it before it got to me!!

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      • .100 drill bit?
        I bet I have one out there.
        That’s what we call Needle Dick Bug Fucker tiny.
        Glad it’s working out for ya though. Best wishes my man.


        • Yeah, when I said micro-rivets, I *meant* micro-rivets!!
          Had to buy 100 of em, only needed 8. $14.30 for the rivets, $15 shipping! And just for fun they crushed the box…
          What a world, what a world!
          Both motors working as advertised. Time to reinstall the evaporators and fire ’em up!


          • So you have a “micro” riveter too? I am impressed, I have both hand and air powered riveters, my hands don’t do well with the hand ones unless they are the 1/8″ rivets. Even then my hands get a workout. I know, old, decrepit and ugly, not a good way to go through life, son. I do like rivets, especially when ya use the collars and the right air pressure setting, they are almost indestructible.


  3. You’re reminding me I need to make a chuck mounting plate to mount one on the big rotary table for the mill. It’s a 6″ RT and while it has a slots like milling table’s slots a chuck is really the usual way to use an RT. I put a 5″ chuck on the lathe so now I have 4″ chuck I could put on the RT.

    I need to figure out how to mount chuck, plate and rotary table together.

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      • That’s the most straightforward way.

        I’d like to figure out how to use the Morse Taper center hole that the RT has. It would be self-centering to have an MT2 adapter with the chuck on it. Then I could take off the chuck if I ever needed to and put it back and have it zeroed


  4. Money printer go *brrrr* for traditional Americans.
    Fortune 500 companies and vibrant diverse cultural enrichers get first dibs.
    Bars closed while borders are open.
    We’re from the government and we are here to help you.


  5. Regarding the runout. The two most amazingly talented machinists I ever worked
    with were brothers who were Vietnamese refugees. They could compensate for
    runout on a nearly 20-foot lathe. Once they got a “feel” for a machine, they owned
    it. As for your problems with Comrade Governor Inslee, keep plugging away!


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