29 thoughts on “I’m A Statistic!

  1. With unemployment getting an extra $600, you might not see that much of a drop in your “income”, either.
    Project time and few money worries — sounds like a win-win.


  2. So, who is gonna do long neglected maintenance and much needed repairs that never really got fixed whilst the machine were running? Or, did management screw the pooch on that idea. Any factory I ever worked, which weren’t many if a slow down or layoffs for awhile the tool boys and mill wrights worked usually until the shifts would come back. A good time for improvements and/or upgrades. Maybe the bosses that be may know something us peeons don’t, the economy is gonna tank bigger and better then the 20’s/30’s and lead up to WW3. A funny thing, WW3 will be nukes… WW4 will be with spears, swords and pikes.


    • If any one is alive that knows how to make spears, swords and pikes. Are there enough people out there that know how to find iron rich minerals, how to process it to make metal and know all the ingredients that are needed to make steel?
      Any one know how to make a transistor from scratch?
      Any one know how to make plastic from scratch?
      Or even electricity from scratch?


      • We’re not to totally helpless, Heltau. To make higher-technology items you first have to build the lower-technology tools to build the tools to make the higher tech stuff. Yes, I know how to make all of the above, but the lower-tech tools are already there. No need to smelt ore when all these higher-tech items are lying around (so to speak). Generating electricity from “scratch” is not all that difficult, you spin wires in a magnetic field. Simple, really, because we have generators lying around! (Hint: look under the hood of your car…)
        Once you have electricity, you can do a LOT of other things, once you can get the pumps running you can do hydraulic power. Once you can do those two things, Civilization can re-grow. And, don’t knock steam power, either.
        A basic knowledge of chemistry, medicine, physics is REAL helpful in a doomsday scenario.

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  3. Major suckage, Phil.

    I think things have turned the corner on this, and we’ll be getting back to semi-normal soon.

    Either that or there’s gonna be a lot of state Governors swinging from lampposts…..


    • “state Governors swinging from lampposts…..”
      As the joke goes, “a good start”. But face it, most politicians are actually not the root of the problem, just tools (in all senses of the word). It’s the people who have poisoned our culture, which means portions of academia, much of Hollywood, most of the current news media, and crony capitalists, hedge funders, and similar economic vampires.

      /rant off

      Sorry to hear about the lay off, Phil.


  4. Sorry man…make the best of it, Flip Off , Flame and piss on the felchers below.

    Like these fucking scum bags, they are looking for a fucking handout.




    And lets not forget about the scumbag airlines.

    And the Criminals in DC voting themselves a raise.

    And there are lots more, i’m just not gonna waste my time chasing links to fucking dirtbags and criminals

    America needs a fucking Bleaching, starting at the top. IMHO


  5. Sorry to hear the news, Phil. With my disabilities, I have been a virtual shut-
    in for the last 4 years. This time it is different because it is compulsory and
    the COVIDiot hoarders stripped the store shelves to the point where we could
    not buy a roll of shit paper for nearly a month. In a time of crisis, be a rebel!
    If that idiot governor of yours extends the lockdown arbitrarily, put off a
    project or two and join the protesters.

    We blew the heads off of Redcoats and defeated the greatest empire on earth
    over a fucking 2 cent tea tax. If ever there was a time for civil disobedience,
    it is now. If Inslee drags this out, go Al Bundy on his ass!


  6. Hey, I still get to go count fish and stuff on the bottom of the ocean (virtually). There’s now only me and one other person working full time in the 4500 sq. ft. building I work in. I call it “making up for when they couldn’t afford to hire me”, and all I could do was go fishing to keep my wife from nagging me to death.
    Aint life strange?
    Sorry about your predicament, Phil,
    I’ll be wishing you good outcomes.
    Lets hope they look at the newer projections, and predict a sooner return to sanity.


  7. I don’t know shit from shine when it comes to the American working laws or the social system.
    Over here, a great many have lost their jobs and a lot of other workers (mostly blue-collars) are now only working “part-time” – meaning they work 80, 50, or even just ten percent of their regular working hours while earning between 80 to 95 percent of their regular income. These 80 to 95 percent apply to those hours one doesn’t work, e.g. you’re just working 50 percent of your regular working hours, you’re getting 100 percent payment for those hours worked paid by the company while 80 to 95 percent of the payment for the 50 percent of working hours you don’t work are being paid by the state. This means you only get a small income reduction only for those hours you didn’t work.
    I for example are working “part-time” now. One week regular shift, one week off. For the week off I get 85 percent of my regular payment.
    I hope I didn’t explain it too complicated.
    So tell me Phil:
    How’s this working out in your case?
    I really hope you won’t fall victim to the S.O.E.S. …


  8. This fuckin’ economy is on the verge of implosion…over a fuckin’ bug and a nation full of cowards. Big Brother is lovin’ the shit out of this.


  9. Phil, major suckage. Embrace the Suck, yadda yadda yadda. Go to work on the Garage/workshop and remove everything and put it back in to get everything juuuuuust right – *if* your back hold out!!
    We’ve got your back as much as possible, bud.


  10. Crack a cool one, and go savour the bedlam and mayhem in the shop, Phil. You can think about statistics tomorrow.

    I like the idea of kicking off an underground economy though. One that they can’t tax or regulate…


  11. Damn that sure sucks. Pray for you to not have to go through the hoops I did during my one stint on unemployment.
    Don’t know what industry your company feeds, but with some luck it will get straitened out quick. Meanwhile, find something to moonlight for cash. Come to the home car repairs comes to mind for some reason.


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