Trump ‘fomenting domestic rebellion,’ WA Dem Governor Dumbass says

This moran Inslee is begging for it.

I have some news for his stupid ass, we don’t need any help from Trump telling him to shove his Commie decrees and official proclamations right up his ass all by ourselves.

Trump ‘fomenting domestic rebellion,’ Dem governor Inslee says


A series of Twitter messages posted by President Trump showed the president is “fomenting domestic rebellion,” a Democrat governor alleged Friday.

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee leveled the charge in a statement that also accused the president of encouraging “illegal and dangerous acts,” Q13 FOX of Seattle reported.

Inslee’s accusations came on the same day that others — such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and U.S. Sen. Angus King of Maine — raised the temperature of their rhetoric against the president and his administration as much of the nation remained under stay-at-home orders resulting from the coronavirus outbreak.

The attacks also came one day after the president unveiled guidelines titled “Opening Up America Again,” a series of steps for reopening and reviving the U.S. economy.

Whether the Democrats’ attacks were spontaneous or part of the party’s election-year strategy, as it looks to deny Trump a second term, was not immediately clear.

Earlier in the day, the president posted a series of messages saying, “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!,” “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!,” and ‘LIBERATE VIRGINIA,” in a show of support for citizens of those states who have been protesting stay-at-home orders or, in the case of Virginia, recent gun control measures enacted by state Democrats. (Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced some easing of that state’s rules Friday, the same day protesters gathered outside his home.)

Inslee derided the president’s tweets as “unhinged rantings.”

“His unhinged rantings and calls for people to ‘liberate’ states could also lead to violence,” Inslee’s statement said, according to Q13 FOX. “We’ve seen it before. The president is fomenting domestic rebellion and spreading lies even while his own administration says the virus is real and is deadly.”

Speaking of unhinged there Ace, please explain to me how shutting down the sport fishing for an entire state that is 85% completely rural to stop people from getting the flu is some kind of genius 5D chess move?


That blotch of yellow/orange/red up there center left is basically where Guvnah Dumbass   gets all his support from.

Almost all of the rest of the state would very much like to see him take a long walk off a short pier while carrying an anvil and as a matter of fact, are ignoring his royal decree of mandatory “Stay At Home” and “Maintaining Social Distancing” orders by holding a protest in the Capitol as I type.

Protest planned Sunday in Olympia as pushback grows against stay-at-home orders

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Protesters will convene at the state Capitol Sunday afternoon to voice their growing opposition to Gov. Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order.

The event, called “Hazardous Liberty,” is billed as a way for people to protest what organizers call an unconstitutional order.

Tyler Miller, the main event organizer, said his concerns began when the first ban on large gatherings went into effect. The protest is in violation of the order that’s in place through at least May 4.

“There definitely wasn’t a rush to do this,” Miller told Q13 News. “It was a very long progression trying to interact with the governor, trying to get his attention, trying to get him to revise it. Those were either ignored, or not seen, or rebuffed, and where we’re at now is the state is picking and choosing winners and losers. Some businesses are deemed essential, others are not.”

Miller said he understands the public health crisis the state is facing, and the protest is not trying to minimize that, he said.

“I totally understand the situation that we’re in … but it’s setting the precedents that the state has the authority to, in fact, do that at any given time,” Miller said. “We’re not saying people shouldn’t follow the CDC recommendations as much as practical … the single position we’re taking is that the government does not have the authority (to mandate it).”

Asked whether organizers will be enforcing social distancing guidelines (6 feet apart), Miller said he “won’t be going around with a yard stick,” but said social distancing is encouraged. He also said people at a higher risk for Covid-19 complications and people who are sick should consider staying home.

I noticed President Trump’s name conspicuously absent from that report….

Guess what Guv?

BFYTW is alive and well despite your best efforts to isolate us.

Old Glory

18 thoughts on “Trump ‘fomenting domestic rebellion,’ WA Dem Governor Dumbass says

    • He’s taking lessons from the Libtard Dumpster Fire Gubernator in What Used to be California. and the AG is like unto him. I’d *LOVE* to get a recall petition going, but all the recently-moved Californicators and such are clustered there and it would take a nuclear bomb to change their minds.
      I’d like to move to Idaho…


  1. You’re welcome, Phil, I couldn’t find anyone that was live streaming on their tube account, so this was the next best option.


  2. Considering that (a) 25% of those infected show no signs or symptoms, (b) the ease at which COVID-19 can be transmitted, and (c) those who have had COVID-19 can get it again, these folks should wake up and smell the coffee. Their attitude is like a skydiver who figures it’s ok to unbuckle the parachute harness because the chute has reduced his rate of descent to a safe speed even though he’s still a thousand feet up. Yes, I know that the death rate is low. That is unless you are a smoker, have an underlying medical condition like asthma or are 60 or older. Good thing the military ordered an extra 100,000 body bags.


    • I probably shouldn’t write anything because I while putzing around in the shop I found a forgotten bottle of Eagle Rare bourbon that had at least twenty five years of dust on the wood box and I decided to enjoy a sip or two or maybe more. Normally I’m not a drinking man so my, ahem, sip or two or more is kind of kicking my ass. So take it for what it’s worth, the following may not make any sense in the morning.
      Or just maybe, they’re exercising their rights as free citizens. When one considers the number of people that are likely to have been infected with covid19, not tested for it and recovered I’m seeing numbers that indicate the actual mortality rate of this is probably down near what the common flu has. The problem is we will never know the true mortality rate of this virus.

      I kind of wonder what the response would be if the media reported on every single auto accident fatality or drowning in a a pool or bathtub fatality or any other kind of incident where there was a fatality the way is being done with this pandemic. Hell we’d be locked down all the time and I’m beginning to believe that’s not a problem for all the controllers, donkey and elephant, it’s a feature.

      I know someone, somewhere out there is going to want to trounce all over my line of reasoning and just think of all the people that are going to die if I don’t give up my livelihood, my desire to provide for me and mine, my outdoor recreation, my hobbies, my garden, my leaning against the fence in the back forty to shoot the breeze with my neighbor, my going out to eat an other than home cooked meal, hell my doing anything other than what TPTB tell me I can do.

      I have an idea, lets just step back and look at the big picture of how many people die every day on this third rock from the sun and tell me again how this coronavirus is something to destroy our economy, our futures and wreck havoc in so many lives for. I just don’t see a justification to keep everything locked down like is being done.

      And I agree wholeheartedly Phil, the gov needs to take a long walk off a short pier wearing lead overshoes.


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      • I won’t trounce, but will ask for a two finger snort of that 25 year old ambrosia… iffn’ you are in a sharing mood, I have some 20 year old single malt Glenfiddich.


      • Quite the find if I must say so myself!
        Even with a couple of belts in ya I can find nothing to argue with.
        Government over reach fueled by nitrous injected fear mongering out of the media.

        It’s been just shy of eight years now, please have a little sip for me!
        I kind of miss the muse that came out of the bottles. I used to throw down some epic rants when I was blitzed.
        All that came to a screeching halt when I sobered up and I can’t seem to tap into that again for love nor money.


      • ” just think of all the people that are going to die ”

        Indeed. Those people fixated on (ASSUMED) body counts do not think about all the people who are going to lose their business, their livelihood, and all their assets because of the deliberate crashing of our economy. It’s not about money, of course, but the downstream effects. (As an aside: This is a huge problem with mainstream “conservativism” — the economy is not some sacred thing above all else. But “the economy” is a decent marker of the things that allow the average man to lead a decent, secure life.)

        I’ll bet anything that, because of the lockdowns, suicides will go up, as will overdoses (as in unclear if suicidal intent), and general narcotic drug addiction. There is good evidence that in the US, losing one’s job has similar emotional/psychological harm as the death of a close friend. Now these will affect working class people more than other groups, and particularly white, working class men. But they have no official victimhood status, so the high-IQ sociopaths and the low-IQ welfare voters that have vastly undue influence on our sacred democracy don’t care. In fact, they will rejoice in the destruction of the white working class. The idiots have been trained by academia, via the media infotainment complex, to hate whites. The smart sociopaths have a long, long history of despising and gleefully exploiting anyone not of their group. (Even if it does not turn out well for them in the end. Intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing.) In the immortal words of Gunny Hartmann, “You are not even human fucking beings!” That is the attitude and belief of our lords and masters, and the sooner we accept and internalize that, the better off we will be.

        TL;DR, I agree with you about the lockdowns.


    • No, it wouldn’t. It would be a shame if DImslee *didn’t* have anything happen to it.

      He’s gotta go, and the horse he rode in on.


  3. Humans are social animals and the very act of imposing social isolation WILL
    lead to civil insurrection if this goes any longer than May 1st. The imperial
    edicts by blue state governors and mayors who extend these lockdowns
    are going to come back and bite them on the ass when they next run for
    reelection. A mild case of cabin fever is one thing, but intentionally forcing
    citizens to forego their right to earn a living is a bridge too far.

    After reading a lot of books on the complex dynamics in economics, I came
    to the understanding that politics itself is dynamic. Every time the Donks
    push their ideology too far, there was pushback by the American people.
    Truman, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Ugbangi learned this lesson the
    hard way most often leading to massive Republican landslides.

    Trump flipped all of the rust belt states and all but one of the coal states.
    The citizens of these states saw millions of middle-class blue-collar jobs
    evaporate over the last 3 decades as a result of liberal policies. President
    Trump came within a gnat’s ass of winning Minnesota in 2016. In Virginia
    (the only coal state that went for Hillary,) Governor Blackface is out of
    control with a lust for power that would put a Mongol Khan to shame.
    Keep an eye on the election on the returns on November third. If
    Minnesota and Virginia flip, the party of Marx will have a bad night!

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