8 thoughts on “Adapt And Overcome American Style

    • Yep. Out of sheer necessity we did all kinds of weird crap to survive. No N95 masks, either – a do-rag, or respirator mask, or those cheapass paint masks, or…
      Adapt and overcome. I put oil soaked sponge layer material OUTSIDE of my regular air cleaner, never had a bit of problem with silicate invading my engines.

      I still have one oversized Gerber Baby Food jar full (sealed) of Mt. St. Helens ash, never been opened after I collected it. It flows like water when you tip it. Crazy stuff!


    • I asked the Baroness to sew me up a mask with a cigar hole. Even drew up a picture:
      Baroness: “You know what that looks like, right?”
      Me: “Oh, shit.”


  1. I invited a neighbor lady for a steak dinner last night. She is a former nurse,
    and knows about sewing, I am thinking about a pair of BVD or Haynes tighty
    whities with a dyed brown hash mark. That would scare the shit out of the
    Covidiots at the local grocery store!


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