This Is A Very, Very Bad Idea

There isn’t a guy on this planet who isn’t going to walk up to this, unzip his pants and say Challenge Accepted.

Bad Idea

7 thoughts on “This Is A Very, Very Bad Idea

    • My only son did that – once. Fortunately there was enough of a gap to where his Happy Guy wasn’t crushed – he was only three and it got slapped hard but not crushed or seriously damaged. He never did it again…


  1. There was a classic episode of Married: With Children where NOMAAM was
    protesting the cancellation of Psycho Dad outside a TV studio hip-deep in
    snow. They bagged the protest due to the cold, and the token ethic news
    reporter Miranda Veracruz de la Hoya Cardinal showed up with a camera
    man. The cameraman pointed out that someone wrote their name in the
    snow. She said, in cursive, I’m impressed. She wrapped it by saying
    she wouldn’t be standing here freezing her tits off if she hadn’t been
    born in a country named after the Equator!

    They don’t make sitcoms this anymore.


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