Thank You Switzerland

I thought this was pretty cool,


That’s the Matterhorn, with the U.S. Flag projected on it.

It must have been impressive as all get out  to see in person.


American flag projected onto Matterhorn in Swiss Alps for coronavirus solidarity



An artist projected an image of Old Glory onto the famous Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps Wednesday as a part of a series to spread hope and solidarity, stunning images show.

Gerry Hofstetter, a light artist known for transforming buildings and landscapes all over the world into temporary art projects, was selected to illuminate the mountain daily starting March 24, according to Zermatt Matterhorn — a website that promotes tourism to the local town of Zermatt.

“As it stands, the USA, is the country that has been most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis with the highest number of confirmed cases. Our thoughts are with all American people at this unprecedented time,” a release from Zermatt Matterhorn reads. “May our message convey solidarity and give you hope and strength. We look forward to meeting again at the foot of the Matterhorn, we are all in this together.”

The Embassy of Switzerland in the United States posted an image of the American flag projection with a message for Americans.

“INCREDIBLE! As a sign of solidarity, the American flag was projected onto the Matterhorn last night. Switzerland is sending hope and strength to the United States of America,” the caption of the post reads.

Hofstetter has also projected the flags of Japan, Germany, the United KingdomSpain, France and Italy — as well as textual messages including “#StayAtHome” and #AllOfUs — onto the 14,690-foot tall mountain.

I’m not usually into the sappy stuff but I did think it was cool to see our flag projected onto a world famous mountain clear over in Switzerland.

8 thoughts on “Thank You Switzerland

  1. I appreciate what the artist did in recognizing the USA. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together has ask these questions: How does a country with 4X population of the USA, WHERE THE MOST CONTAGIOUS VIRUS TO EMERGE IN THE LAST 100 YEARS ORIGINATED FROM, during the largest mass human migration on earth (Chinese New Year), have (as of this writing)12.5% of the cases that the USA has? Are we to believe that China has a much better organized and capable health care system than the USA or Europe, a country where the culture admires its people that lie to people that don’t look like them and eat bat soup as a delicacy?

    R U fffing kidding me?


  2. Instead of bashing us they are celebrating us, that is way beyond cool. We The People are not the problem in our great nation, it is the scum and pure sociopaths we seem to keep electing to our high offices. Time to stop that and pull back our service men and let countries defend themselves and stop giving out hard earned money to those same countries. Do they send money to us? Let them swim or sink on their own.


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